Well Christmas is over for most, but not for me, I was buying my kids their presents and the place I went to had an issue with my PayPal account. Well that lead into waiting for the money to be put back in my account and then transfer it back to my bank. Well it’s been over a week and a half and I am still waiting for the last transfer to happen. This wouldn’t be the first time my kids had Christmas in January.

Well Beth got to talking about looking at houses, so for the heck of it I looked online as well. Then I got the recent bill for our rent, electric and propane. Well that was the final straw, I began to look more seriously, heck the market is prime for someone who is looking. So I looked at several houses, knowing what I have known and not having to deal with another persons want and opinions, I began a search for inexpensive properties. My criteria is rather simple, less than 100K, a decent location and surrounding neighbors care about their houses as well. We that is much easier than you would think. The reason my criteria is seems so low is very simple, if I lose my job I want to be able to work anywhere and be able to make my payments. Material things does not make you anyone, except more than likely in debt. I have seen houses that the foreclosed owners took their dishwasher, oven or fridge. Some left clothes furniture, other left damage to walls and one even removed the sink from a bathroom and put the toilet in the basement. I found two houses that I really liked, one needed some foundation works and the other has a basement mold issue. While most will run away from these (I am glad they will), I know I can get a 203b loan which will help me fix these properties and also allow me to buy appliances and get other work done. While this sounds odd I would rather use a 5% home loan to buy appliances that a 18% store credit card. Well the brakes were put on this idea for me, I filled bankruptcy and I have to wait 2 years before applying for an FHA / 203b loan. So 7 months from now I will have my 2 years in and I will be off and running. Until then I will watch the properties I like and check for others. I talked to a loan officer who checked my credit and said that while I was doing a great job managing my credit I need to get another credit card so that my FICO score would go up more. So last night I went online and applied for a credit card and as I suspected I was approved. So now when it comes in the mail Iwill charge something and then pay it off. This is a really messed up society, I filed bankruptcy because my job changed and paid less. Once my debt was discharged I promised myself that I would not let this happen again. Well I the very thing I got rid of I am being asked to do it again. At least this time I am not going to have any issues as I pay my bills on time if not early.

Ok now that I have bored you with that, I was contacted by a woman on Yahoo Personals. Well I read her profile, I was not immediately wowed. Well I never turn down an opportunity since it’s always good practice to communicate with the opposite sex. Well it was short lived, you see I saw that she was a church-going person. I have no issue with people who go to church I will not participate nor do I believe. Well that put the brakes on everything and we parted ways. I find it odd that people who say they go to church are “tired of the bar scene” etc yet will try online dating. Maybe they feel that there is less initial harm and you can email back and forth and then agree to meet. So once again I will just sit and wait. I have contacted maybe 50 people and have never heard back, you would think you could at least get a “sorry I am not interested”. Well I can promise you that it’s their loss.

Well enjoy your new year and may it be better than the last!!