Yes it’s lyrics from an 80’s song and it was not intentional. I guess I am in some strange holding pattern of sorts. Work is great as usual it’s the rest of my like that is a mess. Online dating still sucks. since the religious encounter the proverbial sea of women has froze as if global warming had already happen. I got up the nerve to ask someone out and she said sure and gave me her number. The number is legit, but then changed out of no where. I guess people who have seen Beth an I together think we are either a couple or married. So trying to get people to understand that we are just friends (have been for over 6 months now) can be hard. Maybe I need to get out further away from where I am located and see what happens. I just think it’s hard for a guy to go to a bar or whatever by himself and think something is going to happen. Everyone needs a “wing” person. Well I am new to the area and don’t have a wing person. So if you want to be my wing person just email me. 😀

House hunting for Beth is a lot like being bi-polar, you think you found something you get excited then you get there and “are you kidding?” So the hunt goes on. One thing I have noticed unless you spend over 100K you might as well stay where ever you are, unless your in a cardboard box. Now it’s not that she can’t spend more but the thought is to have a house payment low enough that if she lost her job she could still make the payments. So this weekend will be the last weekend until spring. This will give her time to save money and not get as discouraged.