Tammy took me to the airport (Thanks) I made it through TSA without issues and only had my pockets patted down. Made it down to the gate and had plenty of time so I grabbed a water and pretzel. ($5.65, not bad at all I thought). So finally it was time to board the plane.

Just before that we were offered to check in our bags as it was a full flight. I passed, if you’re going to allow 2 carry-ons per person then have the room on the plane. Well some people were nice and agreed to check in their bags (at least it was no cost) I silently thanked them. So I make it down to my seat 29F, which on this flight was the second to last row on the plane. So I am sitting there for a short time and then my other seat mates show up. A guy about my size maybe a little thinner and his petite with of maybe 5′. So he sits next to me and eventually we began to talk and it turns out they too are also going to the Daytona 500 on Sunday. So we made some small talk about racing and where we each lived, they were from Chester, Il. So about half way through the flight his legs were getting sore and he and his wife changed seats. So she and I had even a shorter talk and she is a school teacher.

Now what I did not mention is that there is this girl in front of me to the left, she is somewhere between 14-17 years old. Her mom is to her right and her brother to the left. I can’t ever make out what she is saying but I got the impression that she was nervous about flying. I could see the anxiety when she turned to her mom. She would flutter her hands in the air in from of her and then run her hands down the side of her head. I could see the terror in her expressions, I had contemplated talking to her as I know a few things about anxiety but society has issues when men talk to girls. So I just sat there and felt bad for her, I was glad for her our flight was only 2 hours and that she remained calm enough that the flight attendants did have the plane return to land anywhere else.

Ok so the plane has landed and I text Becky and relay the same. While I am making my way towards her she calls me as she thought I was past security at the airport where she was. Well it turns out that you have to t where she was. Well it turns out that you have to take a tube to another concourse where people can meet their arrivals. So I got there and looked around and there she was, long blond hair and a warm friendly smile, I know it made me feel good. So we embraced and had two short kisses and began the journey to the car. I say journey as there is this walkway from the concourse to the garage that was broken so we had to take a rather long way around but made it to the car nonetheless.

So we talked about her recent move to Orlando and discussed dinner which I declined as I just did not feel hungry. Well we made it to her place, it’s very nice and because the real estate market in Florida is so bad she is renting what would be a condo for sale. So we talked for a short time and then decided a movie was a good way to unwind. After looking to see what was available we decided to watch Zack and Miri Make a Porno, a Kevin Smith movie. I was wondering what this says about Becky or our first re-encounter. It said nothing which is fine and the movie is pretty decent. So after the movie she shows me my room and I get settled in and off to la la land I went.