Well I woke up early but I did not hear Becky stirring and I was still tired so I went back to sleep. I did eventually hear her getting ready, so I did the same. I got done and went downstairs to find cooked bacon, biscuits in the oven and eggs ready to be made. Scrambled they were and good they tasted. Well we finished sooner than she had planned so we caught some of the Today Show.

We eventually headed out and went to Tom & Jerry’s Air Boat Tour. I thought it would be more of a “ride” than a tour but I really enjoyed the stops we made and I took a lot of pictures, crocs, a Snail Kite (bird) and some herrings etc. It was a very informative tour and Capt. Jim was a lot of fun. We did do what I would call a jet wash but I think it was more of an aqua-donut. We might have done more interesting maneuvers but our boat was full. Regardless if you are in Orlando you have to take a tour. Plus you can also hold and pet a baby gator, way cool! After the tour we headed to GatorLand, which is everything gator, gator wrestling, gator jumping etc.

Here is another place where you could spend at least a few hours and take a lot of pictures. We tried to see the gator wrestling but it was too crowded, but from what I could hear I think it was more gator-cation, still sounded good. After that we headed over to another part of the park and saw the Jumping Gator show. This is not the time of year for gators as they are cold blooded reptiles and need warmth in order to get motivated. The show is funny and the jokes aren’t bad, but the gators disappointed. After that we took the nature walk around GatorLand and read some of the signs that pointed out things in the area. Never saw any wildlife to take pictures of but it was nice, plus I got a back shot of Becky with her long hair. I did snap 2 others while here are the park, she is camera shy so I must be more stealthy. After the nature walk we headed to the other end of GatorLand where there used to be aquariums, well those have been removed and they had a huge cage with Burmese Pythons, there was one there that I am guessing was upwards of 20’. Well after snapping their pics it was time to go as we were getting tired and I think the sunburn was getting to us.

Next Stop was a place called Old Town, in Kissimmee; here you can find a Fun Spot which is what I would describe as a permanent but quality carnival, all rides and games and well kept. Old Town is just what is it, a place that looks like 1887, cobblestone streets etc. Well I guess every Sat. they have a car show/parade; well we were early enough that we got to see all of the cars parked, there were a lot of your standard fare of muscle cars and street rods. There was an Amphicar there which always intrigues me, there were a few late 60’s Toyota Cornas an Austin Healey, two MG’s and a Triumph. So after the cars we walked the 2 blocks of Old Town, we began to smell food and it was sounding good. Of what we saw there wasn’t quite what we had in mind but it did smell good.

So we left and headed to a place called Tu Tu Tango, the cuisine if like what you would see on the Food Channel. Things that you don’t quite think would go together but when it arrives at your table it quite delicious. We shared a Strawberry Salad, Curry Chicken Skewers and a flat bread pizza. For dessert she had the Fudge Brownie Sundae and I had a Rocky Road Cookie.

Well after dinner we went back home and both felt really tired and thought we would catch a movie on TV. Well about 20 minutes in Becky said she was tired and I said to her that if she wanted to go up then go, she did not have to entertain me. So a quick kiss and she headed up, about 20 minutes later I grabbed a glass of water and headed to bed as well. 8:30 and heading to my room? Well I wrote all of this, I am sunburned and this is more air and walking then I get at home in 6 months. Well off to some reading and then to bed with me.