Becky was first to head downstairs, I showered and then went downstairs. This time she was making waffles and sausage, another favorite of mine. She had noticed my degree of sunburn from the previous day and asked me if it hurt to which I replied “no not at all”. So we talked about going to the Daytona 500 and what time we should leave etc. I mentioned that I needed to go to a Best Buy or similar store as I had forgotten a charge cord for my phone. So we added that to the list and headed out shortly after some TV watching.

The stop at Best Buy was uneventful other than arriving 10 minutes before they opened. I quickly found what I needed and headed back to the car.

Next stop was Daytona; we decided not to get burdened with traffic, so the game plan was to arrive after the race started. Well we arrived at about lap 20. We had to take a long road to a distant lot, then a bus to the speedway. The up about 3.5 stories of stairs (which heights are not my thing), then across a gang plank of sorts and then up to our seats. We were smart to grab something to eat and some drinks before the hike up. Well we saw some wrecks, some serious drafting and just good old racing. I got a few pictures and some short movies with my camera. Well at about lap 120 we decided to go, didn’t want to sit in hours of traffic. After we left the race we headed back to Orlando and to a local place for dinner.

We went to High Tide Harry’s, the LIIT tea was not all that great, food was decent, and the company was the best part. After dinner we went back home and watched a movie on the IFC, it was about vampires, corny and nothing special. After the movie Becky gave me a kiss and headed to bed about 8:30, I have been up about 2 more hours trying to get my dumb phone to connect my laptop to the Internet. Tomorrow I think it will just be a trip to the beach and save NASA for another visit. I had mentioned to Becky since she has to work Tues, that it was fine if we did little to nothing so she could get whatever she needed done or if she wanted to relax. I also mentioned that she could take me to the airport in the morning as I was sure I could find something to occupy my time. We shall see.