Well I got up, took a shower cleaned the bathroom, straightened out my room and striped the bed of it’s linens. Came down stairs and sent Becky a text message with a friendly greeting and asking her how I can access the Internet so I can print out my ticket. Well I had forgotten that while she is at work her phone doesn’t work. She arrived at about noon I put the last of my stuff away and headed to the car. We had some small chit chat along the way. We arrived at the airport and I got my stuff out. I told her that I had a wonderful time and that everything was great. We exchanged a quick kiss and she was in her car and gone. (Yes it felt like a hit and run)

The flight was uneventful, I landed walked out to be picked up and I can say that I enjoyed the 38 degree temperature while wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Tammy with Tim in tow picked me up and we decided to go to BWW’s for dinner.

End of trip.