Well I have been super busy with work and doing my part in moving into the house. We had a BBQ on Easter Sunday and had her kids over and her youngest brother. A good time was had by all. I spent a fair amount of time working on Steve’s computer which I ended keeping for half a week, grrrr. Beth is going back to the doctor this Friday to discuss next weeks surgery to remove the adrenal gland. . They want to remove it due to a mass they see, we hope it’s not cancer but Beth is not feeling 100% confident about what they might find.

Well the office for the most part is in place there lots of finishing to do but we can get our work done quite easily. As I may have mentioned that being directly connected to high-speed cable is great. I have some network tweaks but we are getting some nice speed nonetheless.

Had a meeting with my employer and got some very irritating information. I may be out of a job in Oct. 09, we now have a cap on vacation rollover, before there was none. Our vacation is now use it or lose it, which to me if you do not use it, it should be paid out to you an the end of year, after all it’s earned time. Earned usually implies being paid in some form. On top of this, these changes came without warning, notice etc. I have been saying this for almost 30 years now, American is becoming more Communist every year. I like working and love my job but companies are getting ridiculous, if they feel a pinch they stick it to employees first, did AIG retract bonuses? Hell No! I think I need to live in another country to appreciate this country again. Iceland? Can you use another IT person?