Saturday, we woke up and went to Waffle House and had breakfast and then we headed to Stone Mountain. Beth had a picture of this place and always wanted to see this place. Well we got to the park and paid our admission and looked around and took a few pictures. We then saw there was a SkyView cable tram to the top. We bought tickets and stood in line and just as were were being counted to board a car they closed the attraction. Apparently the wind picked up and lightening was coming. We then went to the gift shop and picked up a few things and the SkyView was still closed. Knowing we had a lot of highway to go we got a refund for our tickets and headed out. While in Tennessee besides stopping for gas, we stopped at Krystal’s (like White Castle) and took in a burger and shake. A few hours later we stopped for a geocache which we quickly found and moved on. After another bunch of hours we stopped in Kentucky and did another geocache and had dinner at the The Oasis (like a Texas Roadhouse), the food here was excellent and I recommend it as well. Next to the restaurant there were 2 hotels and it turns out they were both full (we were very close to Kentucky Lake and it’s a 3 day weekend), we left and headed to Paducah and found a Best Western there and pulled in for the night.