Well again it’s been a while. I have rewritten the website, this was the main reason for the late update. I went to Alaska for a few days back in May which may have been posted here but due to a server issue I lost an update or two. Note to self: make sure backups work!.

In order to get the blog back up I had to paste all of the entries back in. All in all it worked out since you are able to read this again.

I finally got a round to washing the RV and boy she looks great! We are still waiting for warranty work to begin, the problem is that the shower has not been delivered. Once that happens the work will commence and we can be happier camper (worktimers).

Work is going well, Beth is landing a permanent position with a telecom company so she is happy. My job has turned out to a contract issue. Things should work out but if not I have a backup plan or two.

So far summer hasn’t been too bad with the one AC unit, I do plan on getting a unit for the front though.

I have noticed one thing, though we are connected to a 50amp circuit I do not feel as if we are getting the full 50 amp service. I say this because when the AC and either the microwave or the half-time oven are on both struggle to run.

Also this month my best friends from MN are coming to visit, they will stay in a hotel since they have a 2 year old who may need some space.

Also this month my girls are coming to visit, this will be a lot of fun. I have never told them what I live in. When we went to visit them in MN we saw the RV and they seem to enjoy it. Though they are only 7 and 12 I think they will like their visit after all they will be with their dad.

Well more later.