Well another birthday has come and gone. This year for my birthday Beth and her 2 sons and I went camping. We went to Ozark Outdoors, we rented a cabin due to the potential for rain or hot temperatures.

Well before I get to that, we delivered Linc to her office in South County. Since we are moving to St.Louis in 2 weeks we decided to take 2 cars down and leave on behind. On the way to Ballwin, Mo we stopped to see Steve (youngest) at his place of employment. This was a surprise to him as he has not seen me since my haircut (minus 18+ “). So we visited for a while and told him that we would meet him at his grandparents later that night. Next we head to the in-laws house and visit with them. We also had dinner with them, which consisted of rotisserie pork roast, a salad, potatoes au gratin. After dinner we sat in the family room and chatted for a while. Eventually they headed to bed, Beth and I stayed up for a while and then I headed to bed. She decided to stay up as the oldest (David) was going to get up at about 10:30pm (he works nights). Well they visited for a while and eventually Beth turned in too. The next morning Beth and I headed to iHop for a birthday breakfast for me. After this we ran a few errands to get things ready for camping. We went back to the in-laws to pick up Steve as he wanted to run some of the errands with us. We went to Uncle Sams surplus shop and got some groceries. After this we went back to the in-laws again and picked up Linc and headed to South County to drop him off and stop by P’Sgetties . We picked up some sandwiches and then called the boys and had them meet us at Highway 141 and Highway 44. We all filled our tanks and headed to the campground.

Well we arrived at the campground about 5 pm Friday and began to setup camp. After camp was set up we started a fire and started in on the P’Sgetties sandwiches, potato salad, beer and wine coolers etc. We were 2 cabins away from a large group of people who had been playing some good music and thought we would stop by and say that we had been enjoying it. Just before this Beth and David got into a discussion about smoking and smoking weed. Eventually this conversation ended as each has their point of view, Beth’s is that smoking is not worth the risk of getting cancer, David’s is that he won’t get cancer and if so they will have a cure by the time he is diagnosed. Well towards the end of this discussion David talked about that weed makes him feel good and that he likes this feeling. Well apparently David has some resin left in his pipe and wished he had a little more to enjoy. Beth said that our neighbors more than likely had some, David didn’t believe it. Beth and I headed over to thank them for the music and mentioned that her oldest son had some resin leftover. They said that it would not be a problem if he came over to smoke too. Well we headed back to our camp and told him what they had said and he was surprised and elated. Well Beth, Steven and I headed to bed at about 11 pm and David went over to the group 2 doors up from us. Well I heard the door at about 3:45 am and it was David coming home from his “adventure”. Well I fell back asleep, at about 4:15 am there was a commotion that woke me up again. Apparently David had to go to the restroom and when trying to come down from the loft (with no railing) fell and landed on his wrists. Beth woke up in a split second and checked on David and he thought he was alright and went to the restroom and then back to sleep. (It seems to me that a bottle of Captain Morgan and weed don’t mixed) Later in the morning David’s wrists didn’t seem to be better but worse. Well then another discussion of whether or not David should go to the hospital and get x-rays at least. This took a while, his reasoning not to go was lack of insurance, it would cost money etc. Beth finally convinced him and said that she would pay for the visit. Well they headed off to the hospital with Beth following David in her car. Well about 5 hours later Beth came back and gave Steve and I the news, that one was broke and the other fractured and that he had headed back to Ballwin, Mo.

Well while Beth and David were gone Steve headed to the Paddlers Grill and had breakfast. I stayed in camp and had some doughnuts and a root beer. After breakfast, Steve went for a walk and I again stayed in camp and decided to whittle something out of some sticks laying around in camp. Steve came back and had some long sticks with him and he began to whittle them. I ended up making a bow and arrow and he made a spear. Beth arrived back at camp and had stopped by the office and moved our float trip time to a later time.By then we decided to have lunch and then head over to the loading area to get on our way for the float.

The float trip was a lot of fun, it was a 5 mile float that for some reason only took about 2.5 hours… While on the trip, we tipped twice, nothing serious mostly funny as there wasn’t much of a reason as to why we did. There were a ton of people on the river, mostly rafts which slowed things down. We saw some people jumping off the cliffs and rope swings. Well we arrived at the take out point and decided to stay at the beach and enjoy the water and weather. Steve headed to the beach before Beth and I as we were putting things away back in the van. We headed to the beach and saw Steve down the river a bit. We eventually floated down to him and enjoyed the water.

While we were in the water we struck up a conversation with a couple on the beach (Tracy and Chad). We talked about all sorts of things and ended up talking about David and our neighbors. This seemed to spike their curiosity as were hoping to score some weed. We all stayed at the beach for a while and they shared their beer with us. After a while we offered to have them come back to our cabin and stay with us as they didn’t have a tent (forgot it) and only had air mattresses. They followed us back to our camp and we showed them around and introduced them to our neighbors. We all headed back to our camp and invited them to dinner as we had enough, since David had left. So I started grilling pork steaks, corn on the cob, potatoes and baked beans. While I was cooking dinner Tracy and Chad were talking to our other neighbors and became social butterflies. Finally dinner was ready and they decided that they didn’t want to intrude and left. (Well we figured that what they really wanted we didn’t have, drugs. So they moved on) Chad seemed ok, he supposedly drives for UPS and didn’t seem to have any issues. Tracy on the other hand works at a UPS office and was a mess according to Beth. Apparently Chad had cheated on her and she was having all sorts of issues. (maybe drug withdrawals??)

Well Steve, Beth and I had dinner and talked about the weekends events and then turned in for the night.

Sunday morning, we all got up and Steve went back to the grill for breakfast, I again had doughnuts and Beth had a PSghetties sandwich. We broke camp, Steve headed to Ballwin, Mo and Beth and I headed towards home and did some geocaching on our way home.

The drive home was uneventful and we arrived home at about 9 pm.

This trip was more or less a celebration for us boys as our birthdays are either the end of July or mid August. Heck a birthday I probably won’t forget……

Coming soon, the 8th Annual Kansas City Geocaching Picnic and “The Big Move”. Stay tuned….