Well just got back from sitting with Beth while her brother and his partner go out for a night. Overall she is good, I have seen her better though. I made a spaghetti dinner and took it over for the 6 of us. Everyone seem to like it and made several comments about it.

So once everyone left Beth and I sat and watched TV, I fix her a plate for dinner, which she enjoyed. We talked about nothing really important, just hung out and enjoyed each others company.

I think subconsciously avoid people when they are sick. I rubbed her back and hugged her and kissed her on her head. She then made a comment that no one touches her and that it felt really good. I guess I have been around so many sick people all of my life, even if it’s the flu, mono, strep that I just don’t really think about it. I know cancer is not contagious and even if it was I do not think it could change how I am. If anything I have a better immune system because of my “exposures”.

Ok enough of the semi-depressing side of things. Well if I believed in hell this would be the week to know what it’s like. It’s been close to 100 for almost a week and I am glad to be working from home. I really hate heat and would rather see it snow right now.

I bought some stools for my kitchen, I can not decide if they are going to stay or not. I like the stools themselves but they might be a bit tall for the island bar. Speaking of house, I finally finished the core of my premise wiring and am looking forward to this winter so I can get back into the attic and finish my other projects, like ceiling fans etc. I guess I can eventually start on picking out the fans for each room and get the conduit and switches etc over the next few months.

Well I could ramble on about everything in my head but that might get scary. Also it’s almost 1 AM and work will be here before ya know it.