Honestly I can not believe it’s been a week and how much peace I have within myself. I just looked at my post from the day Beth passed and I was ok with it. Sure I miss her but I have come to terms that I must move on and she will always be in my memories and heart. I went over to Beths house today and cut the yard and spoke to her oldest. He seems to be holding it together on the outside, though he is busy with the house, figuring out what to do with all of the stuff, get a job and think about school. We talked about different ideas and plans of attack as there are many options of what to do next.

Me, I always seem to have plenty to do that I put off more often than not. None of it is life altering just things I would like to have completed.

As for the siding, the adjuster came out and gave me an idea of the damage. I am waiting to hear from the siding company to see what actual options are. I am hoping that the foamed back siding is financially doable as I like the insulation aspect of it. It would help me work towards my goal of making this place as green as I can without overboard.

Well back to other things.