I headed off to grandmas and had breakfast and again worked on the computer then Alan decided that a trip to Fry’s was in order. Well Alan picked up a DVD-ROM drive that writes Dual Layered media and a switch box for controlling 2 computers I tried to find a few things but couldn’t and we were only going to be gone a short time. When we arrive grandma offered me lunch which I declined and said that I had some things to take care of and I could meet them back at their house for dinner, she agreed and said dinner would be at 5:30. So off I went in search for a US Bank, a Chevy dealer since the vans blower motor hadn’t really worked since left KC. Well after driving around I learned that car dealers were not allow to do business in San Marcos, CA. I finally found my bank and did my business and then since a local car dealer wasn’t close I headed to Beaudry RV dealership. I again looked Montana’s; this dealership had floor plans in stock I had not seen in the flesh. So after looking around I think I made my decision on which model I liked but wanted to confirm with Beth. I then headed back to Fry’s and found the things I was looking for and then it was really close to dinner. I did not mean to be long but I did arrive early and we had dinner. Grandma made pot roast, backed potatoes, peas and a fruit cup on the side. All of it was very nice plus having a home cooked meal wasn’t bad either. Well after dinner we chatted some more and then I headed back to the RV.