Well it’s been 31 days since Beth passed away. I am doing alright. There are times when I am more aware of her being gone. I was out today and went by a Cricket store and I thought about Beth. I thought about how much she loved her job and her co-workers loved her.

Ok new topic, OLD (OnLine Dating), well I was contacted by a lady and we exchanged emails and some phone calls. We decided that yesterday (Saturday) we would get together. So she came to my house and we sat and talked for a while. We then headed so the only smoke-free sports bar that had just opened 2 weeks ago. (Good for them!) I was amazed how loud approx. 40 people can be. The TV’s I can only assume that the volume was either down or off. There was some music coming from a jukebox, I could hear it well enough to make out songs being played but it was not easy. The place is in a strip mall and the ceiling is the actual roof some 15 ft or more.

Anyway so we continued to talk (or yell) and then ordered some drinks an appetizer and entrees. Well the drinks came quickly, then the appetizer and literally 2 minutes later the entrees. Usually this would bother me but you could tell that they had just opened and disorganized. I will say that the food was good and again a smoke-free place is priceless.

So while we are sitting there I am facing towards the windows and I see lighting and hear some thunder. As this goes on I look out the window once in a while, next I noticed that the winds had really picked up. I see rain starting and getting more intense and sprays of water blowing over roof of cars. This goes on for about an hour, next thing we know we are all sitting in the dark and just the emergency lights are on. Well it made the place a tad quieter for a few minutes. So we continued talking and then the waitress came by to take my credit card, eventually she comes back with the carbon duplicate (old school way), so I sign and tip and we leave shortly.

We head back to my house and take a little more and then decided to watch Final Destination. After the movie we talk some more and then next this we know it’s 6am and she has a 2 hour drive and has to work at 4pm that day.

So since I have been up since 7:30 am Sat. I am off to bed soon.