Well I slept in since grandma and Alan would not be back from shopping until noon. I called to confirm that I could take them up on their previous offer of doing laundry at their house. Well it was ok so I headed over around noon. I arrived and had a roast beef sandwich with grapes and pickles on the side. Alan and I then headed over to Chucks house to get some aluminum that could be used for the Sonex. Chuck showed us his small machine shop in his garage. For a guy in his 70’s he had a nice setup and could make about anything. After that we then headed back home. I remembered that Alan wanted to remove the luggage racks from his car. I reminded him when we got home and we removed them. Next was back to work on the computer which has been a multi-day event. I was also kind of fun since his uses dial-up, while it’s painful to watch a download take 3 hours that I could do back home in 10 minutes, it helps me appreciate what I have and am willing to pay for. Well we had dinner and watched the news about a plane making a difficult landing due to the front landing gear ended up in a precarious position. Well the pilot made a spectacular landing and everyone was safe. Also during this time I finished my laundry, now I have enough until I get home. Well we finished dinner and watched The Terminal with Tom Hanks, I enjoyed at least as much as the first time I saw it. After that I returned back to my RV and watched some TV and went to bed.