Well again I tried to sleep in since I did need to be at grandmas until 12:30 since see had a meeting to go to. I got a few things ready in the RV to hit the road early on the 23rd (I hope). I turned on the gas to the water heater and the light did not come on. I untied the LP tanks and one felt heavier than the other. So I was able to deduce that one was empty and one was full. Being the good boy scout I usually am I removed both and headed to the RV office and asked to have them filled. Well he was able to fill one but not the other. So 3lbs of LP later and $8.81 poorer I headed back to the RV. I hooked up the tanks and cabled them down and tried the switch again and nothing. Well I left it on and headed out to the heater cover and looked at everything and it looked ok. I then decided to get a hammer and tap the solenoid and viola the heater began to run. SO I took a shower and then headed out for lunch at Subway and then to grandmas. When I entered Subway I heard another Astro van attempting to start. I stopped by and asked it they needed a jump start. They said yes so I obliged. I hooked up the cables and it started immediately. I told them that they may have a dead cell in the battery and a new one would be a good idea, they thank me and off I went. I went to Subway and ordered lunch, the usual, Steak & Cheese on wheat with x-lettuce, pickles, green peppers, banana pepper rings, parmesan cheese, oregano and southwest sauce, 3 macadamia nut cookies and 2 bottles of chocolate milk. I headed off to grandmas lunch in tow and arrived in a few minutes. She answered the door and noticed my lunch and said that she was going to fix me something. I told her that I knew that after she got back from her meeting that she would be taking a nap so I thought it easier that I bring my lunch. She eventually thought it was nice of me but really wanted to fix me something. Well she went to her room and I went upstairs to finish my work on Alan’s computer. Well I got the Wifi working; he just needs an extension cable for the antenna. Eventually Alan came home and came up to check on my progress. I was getting closer but Microsoft has so many updates and under dial-up it will take forever. Now it was dinner time, grandma had prepared a stew with onions, carrots, squash, celery and green peppers and on the side was half a cantaloupe. As usual another great meal from grandma, I am going to miss them. Well it was back to the computer for me to check on things, progress was still being made but it was a long way to go. Well I went back downstairs to sit and chat a while and then I announced that I needed to go since I was going to get up early so I could make good time to the Grand Canyon. We hugged and kissed and off I went. I got back to the RV Park and lined the van up with the RV so I could attach quickly, dismantle camp and head out. An odd thing happened when I got back to camp a jet was making interesting designs in the air, I think it’s called water vapor either way I got some pics of it to check later and post if they are good.