Well I got up about 5:30am and skipped a shower, broke camp and headed out. I made good time until I got to LA but that is to be expected, traffic never moved so slow. Once I got out of LA I stopped at IHOP for breakfast and had the usual, International Passport w/ a large chocolate milk, $10.00 later I was out the door and on my way again. Well like any place out west I had to climb hills to get to Grand Canyon, the drive was very beautiful and I took a few pics of things I saw. I made it to the KOA / Grand Canyon at about 5:30 pm I guess it wasn’t bad for 500 miles of driving in the mountains. I am hoping that the next few days going home are flatter so I can make good time. I plan to cover 700 miles each day if I can to get home by Monday and surprise Bethy who thinks Ill be home almost a week from today. Well after I checked in I set up camp and headed to the Grand Canyon. It’s about a 50 mile drive from the KOA but the road is nice and it looks as if they are going to widen it. I made it to the southern rim and took some pics and some small movies with my camera and then drove around a bit and then left. I will come back with Beth and we can spend a few days here I know she will love it. After leaving the canyon I headed to the IMAX Theater and purchased a ticket, you get a 6% discount from KOA when you stay there, so my $10.00 admission was $9.49, not much savings but I can tell you that you must see the show I think it’s worth $12.00. During the time I was waiting to get into the auditorium I made it across the street to McD’s and had dinner. Not my idea but I had to go since about 20 years ago my parents and brother made the trip to the Grand Canyon and it cost them $20.00 back then, seems to me the prices haven’t changed. Well back to seeing the movie, after it let out I purchased some souvenirs and headed back to the KOA. Just as I was on the edge of town a 8ft elk was greeting people as they left, ok he wasn’t greeting them but it was a reminder that elk roam freely here and can kill a car. So I as I got farther out of town I saw another one. I decided that being the lead car is not what I want to do. I found a place to pull over and let 8 cars pass me by. This provided plenty of buffer for an accident and I could return to the KOA unharmed, after all I had issues back home that needed to be taken care of. Well Beth called me before I went in to the IMAX I tried to answer it but I lost a signal, so now was a better time and I had a better signal. I called her and she was crying and very upset, again the lousy neighbors were at it again, loud music and not home. I am looking forward to this as I will definitely be the thorn in Goliath s paw and even though I am named Dave I will not let it be pulled out until satisfaction is met. Well I am back at the KOA and again the van is lined up and ready to go in the morning.