So this was my first winter camping event. I have been wanting to begin winter camping and move to survival or primitive camping.

I did not make it overnight as I violated the first rule of camping, CHECK THE WEATHER!, I had the day or so before but it got 10 degrees cooler than I had expected.

The temperature was only supposed to go to approx. 38 degrees, well at about 9:20 pm it was 27 degrees. I wasn’t uncomfortable but I knew that 4 – 5 hours later it could drop to close to 20 degrees. I was in a 40 degree Big Agnes Buffalo Park bag. So I had to bail about 10:00 pm and head home.

Some would say that it was a fail but it wasn’t as I learned to double check the weather, that to sleep in the temperatures I want I will need to reevaluate my gear.

After researching down quilts I think it might be the answer, they are light, pack well and are warm.