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Florida 2011 | Drifus Travels Drifus Travels

Florida 2011

Well I got up, took a shower cleaned the bathroom, straightened out my room and striped the bed of it’s linens. Came down stairs and sent Becky a text message with a friendly greeting and asking her how I can access the Internet so I can print out my ticket. Well I had forgotten that while she is at work her phone doesn’t work. She arrived at about noon I put the last of my stuff away and headed to the car. We had some small chit chat along the way. We arrived at the airport and I got my stuff out. I told her that I had a wonderful time and that everything was great. We exchanged a quick kiss and she was in her car and gone. (Yes it felt like a hit and run)

The flight was uneventful, I landed walked out to be picked up and I can say that I enjoyed the 38 degree temperature while wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Tammy with Tim in tow picked me up and we decided to go to BWW’s for dinner.

End of trip.

Today we headed out to Jetty Beach per a recommendation of Becky’s co-worker. So we paid the $10 entrance/parking fee and drove in. We quickly found a place to park and began our trek to the beach. The overall beach is nothing all that spectacular as noted by Becky; I would have to second that statement. We saw a fair amount of dead jellyfish while walking along the beach. We then headed to the Jetty and saw a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship; I snapped a few of it as it is one of the next trips I hope to take this year. We saw a few sea turtles, after which we decided to go to Cocoa Beach.

Again we had to spend money to park at Cocoa Beach but at least there is more to see and do. We had lunch at the Cocoa Beach Pier, she had 3 cheese stuffed shrimp and a salad, while I had the fried shrimp and scallops. The food was decent, the drinks were good, she had 2 mango daiquiris’ and I had 2 banana flavored.

After lunch we took a walk out on the pier, you can enter for free if you show your food receipt we learned. Along the walk we saw some pelicans and some gulls of course I snapped a few pics. While we stood at the end of the pier, I noticed she was getting chilled, so I put my arms on her and stood extra close. I am not sure if I was making a difference so I eventually suggested that we head back. About half way across the pier she commented that is was much warmer, so we stopped and watched kids playing and people attempting to surf.

We then headed to the car and headed home, she offered up some other things to do but I knew she was tired from the weekend and I was feeling a little cooked as well. So we arrived back home and decided to watch some movies nothing notable, during this time she fell asleep for a short time. A while after she awoke she went into the kitchen and came back with some cheese and crackers and some Girl Scout cookies. We snacked on that off and on, then Two in a Half Men came on which was funny as usual. As soon as it was over she announced that she was going to bed and gave me a kiss and said good night. I stayed down for a short time and put everything away the best I knew how and headed up to my room. I did some pre-packing and then headed off to sleep.

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