I had over the years enjoyed all of the Russian dashcam videos of accidents near misses etc. Plus I also enjoy driving so I did some research and purchased a dashcam. I decided on this one the JooVuu-X, the main reason was it’s resolution and frame rates, plus it is small. Since it is small it’s easy to discreetly mount in your car so it’s not noticeable to people outside of the car. So after a while I decided where I wanted to mount it and did the install.

So while I will record road trips I can also provide shorter clips of bad drivers or illegal operations. (yes everyone is a cop, lawyer, judge and jury ha ha)

So enjoy my future postings and take a ride with me.

Well as you can tell from a previous post I was installing new fuel injectors and a fuel pump. All went well and it was time for a test drive. I had started the car after I finished the other day so most of the air was out of the fuel lines. Now I needed to drive around and make sure all was well. I started off driving in my neighborhood and that went just fine. So I drove farther away and still all was good. Next I tried a WOT (wide open throttle) punch and there was the issue, b-o-g (being over gassed). I was able to dump so much fuel into the engine that the factory pseudo dual/single exhaust and factory tune could not handle the additional flow. I knew this would happen but had to test for myself.

I contacted Deatschwerks to make sure my theory was correct and they were surprised the car was even drivable. So I have arranged to have my ECU (Electronic Control Unit, err the brains of the car) sent in for reprogramming by a company called Power Axel. While that is taking place I have acquired an impact wrench to remove the factory exhaust manifolds and pipes. Then I will install my Power Axel headers and ARK Performance GRIP Dual Exhaust. Well off to work and take more pictures.

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