I was thinking about mail as I walked out the door to retrieve it. There was nothing there and then I thought about not having any bills. Which led me to think about Fee Mail (Bills) and then female. This led me to the secret message that females will cost you money. We males we just arrive. Then of course then there is junk male so their must be junk female (Fee Mail). Would junk female be an African-American woman? (They do have junk in their trunk)

I have thoughts like this all of the time. I have never met anyone who does this. Now if I mention that I do this, people can sometimes come up with something similar.

I had a lady contact me the other day, so we exchanged some chats and it turns out she lives maybe a mile away. Going only on pictures, she has a nice figure, looking at the rest of the photos I am not sure she is 47. I sent a few to a female friend of mine and said that she looked 67. I have to agree, some photos of her make her look really old. Who knows maybe she is one of those people who post a pic of them when they thought they looked good and felt obligated to post something more recent. Nothing has come with it, I may go out just to keep my skillz sharp. I only have a few hours and a couple of bucks to lose, no big deal.

Another lady I chatted with showed up online and we chatted briefly. She says that she has been seeing a guy for about a month and that it’s going good. Funny thing I believe we talked less than a month ago and no mention of seeing anyone. O well I never asked so she had no reason to mention anything.

On the topic of online dating, how far would you go to be on a legitimate dating site. I mean a site that you had to truly validate who you are. A site that had harsh repercussions for not replying to people if contacted.

I think to many people are “dating trolls”, people who created a profile (real or not) and just see what kinds of things can happen without really meeting.

Then there are the “dating party trolls”, these people either attend or primarily host events. When they or their “friends” host an event the same 5-20 people will always be there. They all hug and kiss, friendly like their in high school. Then there is the unfortunate people who come to these events who never get past being anyone of these “trolls” friends.

I am not bitter, nor have I had a bad experience I am just making observations that I believe to be the truth.

I had a date tonight, she was white, she wore these really nice silver shoes with rubber soles. She had on black leather pants and jacket. She let me polish her headlights, the next time I see her she said that she would let me polish her tail lights. I am looking forward to that.

Well I am tired c ya.

Well the weather is much better the snow is just about gone, which only means one thing. Time to get the car out and go for a drive. Hopefully I can get a drive in before I head to Florida.

Yep I am heading to Florida, for the first time in my life I am traveling to a warmer place during winter. Coincidentally it’s going to be in the 60’s while I am gone, so not much of a change for me. Though everyone knows I prefer colder temps. Well as I may have written I became reacquainted with a lady I dated last year. It turns out she has moved last October. So we got to talking which turned into an offer to come down to Florida and I could stay with her. Now immediately people are thinking “your going to get some leg for sure”. Well that is not my thought at all, I am not that naive to think that an invite “comes with sex”. I have slept next to women and nothing happened, I think mature single people can do that. I do NOT condone that married people sleep next to a single friend, maybe when your 80 🙂 . This lady and I have had no previous physical encounters other than a kiss. We did have a good time, we have been bike riding, gambling and been to the movies. So we shall see what happens while I am there this weekend.

Well on to other things, irritations. Civil servants (or as I like to think UNcivil servants) who get in trouble getting “On leave with pay”. I am sorry but whoever dreamed this up ought to be electrocuted. It’s no wonder these adrenaline junkies think they are above everyone else and the badge just compounds this thinking. How about your FIRED and when and IF your found innocent then you will be reinstated and you receive back pay. These people are supposed to be examples for the rest of us, yet I rarely see a turn signal, parking in “No Parking” areas, a friendly wave all I see is snobbery and elitism. If you are younger than them and drive a nicer car you are pretty much doomed to getting a ticket and being harassed. No I have not had an incident just heard something on the news and also remembered some things from the past.

So in the future, use turn signals, maybe a friendly wave once in a while, maybe not drive down the highway during rush hour causing “inDAviduals” to think that your supposed to drive 5 -10 UNDER the posted speed limit. While out make sure that people aren’t running red lights and that their equipment (tail lights, signals, etc) are working as that helps all of us.

Well in April I am heading out to California for a pseudo family reunion, it should be pretty good. Though if it turns into a “house arrest” situation I will not be happy. Nothing like flying half way across the country and be able to see the local sights as well.

While I do not know what all took place I would like to congratulate Egypt for their own overthrow and hope they can show the world that bad leadership of any kind can be removed.

Good luck to Iran and Sudan.

America, take notes we need to work on this here as well!!

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