Vacation 2005

Well I slept in since grandma and Alan would not be back from shopping until noon. I called to confirm that I could take them up on their previous offer of doing laundry at their house. Well it was ok so I headed over around noon. I arrived and had a roast beef sandwich with grapes and pickles on the side. Alan and I then headed over to Chucks house to get some aluminum that could be used for the Sonex. Chuck showed us his small machine shop in his garage. For a guy in his 70’s he had a nice setup and could make about anything. After that we then headed back home. I remembered that Alan wanted to remove the luggage racks from his car. I reminded him when we got home and we removed them. Next was back to work on the computer which has been a multi-day event. I was also kind of fun since his uses dial-up, while it’s painful to watch a download take 3 hours that I could do back home in 10 minutes, it helps me appreciate what I have and am willing to pay for. Well we had dinner and watched the news about a plane making a difficult landing due to the front landing gear ended up in a precarious position. Well the pilot made a spectacular landing and everyone was safe. Also during this time I finished my laundry, now I have enough until I get home. Well we finished dinner and watched The Terminal with Tom Hanks, I enjoyed at least as much as the first time I saw it. After that I returned back to my RV and watched some TV and went to bed.

Well I got up and headed over to grandmas and had breakfast, eggs and toast since yet satisfying. Then Alan and I headed out to the Ramona airport to work on the Sonex airplane that he has been working on for 2 years. We started about 9:30am and finished about 2:30 that afternoon. We were fitting some aluminum on the top of the wings near the fuselage. This required drilling about 200 holes, plus measuring and then de-burring them. Alan said that we made great progress and that I do nice work. I am not sure whether I would ever spend the time and money to learn to fly but I did like working on the airplane. After that we went home and then I headed back to my RV. When I arrived back at my RV I opened the door to find myself inundated with Argentinean ants. I quickly grab a bottle of Simple Green since I did not have Raid on board. This stuff killed them instantly but since it is water based it would evaporate and then eventually the ants would show up again. While I was killing ants I mopped the floor and dusted since Simple Green is multipurpose. I then left for a minute to go across the street and get some Raid Ant killer. I returned and sprayed around the base of the RV and then lightly fogged the interior and then shut the door and left for my brother’s house for dinner and some good stimulating conversation. I arrived at my brothers and we sat a round and chatted and became reacquainted, then Heather (his fiance) called and said that she was almost done getting the tires put on the Beamer and she would be home soon. Well about 30 minutes she arrived and we all started to chat and then the subject of dinner came up. There we two choices since they were close to their house, Pizza Port and Sushi House. Well Pizza Port won, and we headed down the 5 block walk to the restaurant. Once we arrive we ordered a pizza and some Caesar salads, the pizza was half garlic vegetable and half sausage / mushroom. Again we talked about everything you can imagine and maybe a few topics that you can’t. We eventually headed back to their place and they decided to light up a hookah pipe with some vanilla tobacco. They passed it to me and I inquired on how to use it. They gave me the highlight instructions and so I indulged. I did not know what to expect but none the less I felt nothing. So we chatted some more and then Heather went off to bed and Jason and I stayed up another hour of so continuing to talk. Well it got late and Jason had class in the morning so I departed. I arrived back at the RV about 2:10am which was 4am back home in the Midwest. I talked to Beth shortly and we decided to talk when it was morning for both.

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