Well today I did something I have never done, I received stitches, 13 of them. It’s every RV’rs nightmare, I walked into a slide out of my neighbors RV. The worse part was that I hit the edge of the slide. The 3 inch gash starts towards the top of my head and goes up and back.

I went out to start my car and get it warmed up and let it de-ice itself. I got it started and got out of the car and took maybe 2 steps and “crack”. My first reaction was “damn that hurt”. I put my hand on my head and the next thing I know blood is running down my hard. So I continue back to my RV and a drop of blood hit the porch. I make it get in the RV and grab a paper towel and put it on my head. I call to Beth, the second time she can tell by my voice that something is wrong. She comes down and I tell her that I hit my head and remove the paper towel. I see how much blood is on the paper towel and 3 drops hit the floor, I now realize that the situation is a little more serious. Beth gets excited and worried at the same time and immediately wants to take me to the hospital. She starts to yell “get in the car, go get in the car”. I realize that I feel fine and am not dizzy so I take my time while she gathers a few things. I go outside and turn off the car, check the corner of the RV it hit and noticed a small plastic plate that was cracked and loose, later we checked and saw hair and skin attached to that corner. Well just in case your a little twisted, yes I have pictures and a movie of the stitches being put in.

With Stitches

Without stitches

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