I chose this drive as it’s the “highest paved road in North America”. I have a picture of me at 11,000 feet from years ago but this allowed me to go even higher. So I headed out, “get your motor running, head out on the highway”

So what you see in the beginning is the entrance gate and I fast forward to the first and only learning center. There are restrooms there and various educational things to read. Outside the building there are trails for those so inclined. I then fast forwarded the video 4x till the top and then again 4x till the ext. The full video is about an hour and a half maybe more, it can be busy and also if you get to opportunity to see big horn sheep people will stop and try to get photos of them.

I am not a National Park pass holder etc, so entrance was $15.
I would recommend that you leave early in the morning or camp nearby to arrive early.
The day that I did this, it hit 103 in Fort Collins, on the Mt. Evans it was 43 with a windchill of 35 and it felt great!

2016 – Mount Evans – Colorado

I had over the years enjoyed all of the Russian dashcam videos of accidents near misses etc. Plus I also enjoy driving so I did some research and purchased a dashcam. I decided on this one the JooVuu-X, the main reason was it’s resolution and frame rates, plus it is small. Since it is small it’s easy to discreetly mount in your car so it’s not noticeable to people outside of the car. So after a while I decided where I wanted to mount it and did the install.

So while I will record road trips I can also provide shorter clips of bad drivers or illegal operations. (yes everyone is a cop, lawyer, judge and jury ha ha)

So enjoy my future postings and take a ride with me.

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