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It’s been a while since I communicated with my audience of ZERO. 🙂 Any way Online Dating took a turn in a positive direction. I contacted a user and OMG!!! they responded. Well we chatted for a while and have gone out a few times. She’s had quite a life which I will not go into as fairness to her. She is a really mellow person, maybe a little to mellow for me as I am used to being with a ADHD person who can control most of it. It has been nice to take someone out to dinner, movies etc as I know I am rusty. So I see this is as win-win situation, she gets out of the house and some adult company (he he) and I get to show someone a good time and learn to “date” again. I am looking for a LTR (Long Term Relationship), I have lived with someone since I left home and now maybe I should live with myself for a while. By this I mean get a place of my own and build my empire (decorate it, customize it) and then do the dating thing. I have had the perfect relationship for the past 7 years and I hope I can find one more to take me to death. So if you know someone tell them to go to PlentyofFish.com and look up Dave-66 it might be the best thing they have done for themselves.. 🙂

Ok Highway 70 in the St.Charles, Mo area, WTF!!!! Some guy goes through a chain-link fence from the outer road and ends up on the highway causing a nasty pile up. I felt sorry for the people eastbound, I later learned that the highway was closed for 3 hours. Now my question is why does it take so long to get accidents off the road? You save the people and get them in ambulances (buses) and take a million pictures and push it all on to a few flat-bed tow trucks and be done in say 45 minutes. At least the police went up an exit and diverted people of to the outer roads to find other ways to their destination. They should have moved back to the 70/370 interchange and diverted people there instead or both. Since we do not have up to the minute traffic information you could not avoid it until you were Fk’d. NOW to make it even worse ALL westbound traffic had to stop and gawk, again WHY!!! Police, fire trucks, ambulances were all there it was covered. Look forward and drive!!!! I doubt you know them and even if you did you were not going to get close enough to see, help etc.

I demand that the United States Department of Transportation begin to retrofit ALL concrete medians with 8 – 10 ft high walls. We can’t teach people to just drive, so we will tax them to prevent them (hmm slogan) from potentially hurting if not killing someone else. Remember YOU are not important WE all are!!!!!

unMemorial Day, why “un” because it’s not necessary, simple if a guy is wearing some sort of military medal etc, you can or should go personally thank them. Donate to a Veterans charity, I think that these would be more meaningful and do more than watch veterans walking in parades. They did their job with time served, we should make the effort to help them personally. If you took all of the time, energy and money on parades around the country there probably would not be any deficiencies in helping veterans. No I have not served in the military, I am just sick of people getting the shaft and the wealthy just walk over people like they are “Terminators”.

Well enough ranting and raving I could go on but you wouldn’t come back, and that would be sad. 🙁

Well belated New Year! There hasn’t been much to write about so I thought I would wait till I had something to write about. Well we had a shower drain leak that I ran across by accident. The repair was simple, what was used originally was plumbers putty. While I would agree with this usually if you read the package it says not to be used on plastic. So I used tub and tile clear adhesive and so far one week later all is well. While examining it I wondered why the drain would not be either glued or molded as a part of the actual shower. Now if the area between the tub and the shower walls would not leak life would be good. Since the RV is under warranty I will leave that for the dealer when I can setup a time and if needed a place to live temporarily. Other happenings were that we have been to the 60 degree mark during the New Year and just a few days ago. Then we had a mini snow storm that didn’t do much to here but it looked impressive for a few minutes. Well not much else has happened, o I got the small grill from the other rv and we had some steak, it’s been a long time since we grilled and it tasted soooo good. TTFN Ta Ta for now….