Friday, well we left Sanibel Island and stopped at Blu Sushi in Fort Meyers, I highly recommend this place. After that we headed to New Port Richey, that’s the last address I had for my biological father. I thought I would stop and take a look at the place and maybe see if he was home. (it’s a long story so I’ll spare you the details). So we go to the address Beth found on the Internet but she only has the street. We checked the street and most people had their last names on the front of their homes. Well that did not work out. We then went to the “office” which is a laundry mat / community center, we check out the bulletin boards etc and found a Hayes at the address I had. We drove to that address and knocked on the door, a woman about 70ish answered and we asked if Bill was there, she said “just a minute”. Next thing I know a man about 70ish comes to the door and I know immediately that is was not him. We made some small talk but I do not think we were on the same page. Just as we were going to leave a man that came into the “office” after we had been there a while shows up at the house. We said “small world” he just kind of smiled, just as we were just about to leave we confirmed the womans name and he chimed in “none of your business”. Now I understand peoples paranoia these days but he was an asshole about it which made me want to confront him face to face but since these people were of no relation to me I wasn’t going to waste my time.

Well after that fiasco we headed back to the highway and started our journey home. We made it to Cordele, GA and stopped at a Best Western. We asked for a quiet room and ended up in the front of the hotel. Across the street was a “sports bar” that thought it was a night-club dance hall, the music was so loud we could feel the bass as though they had speakers outside. While in our room the AC failed so we asked to be moved to another room. They offered us the room next to ours but we said the noise was ridiculous so they moved us towards the back of the hotel which was better. Well that was that day mostly driving.