Wow a lot has been going on since last week. I had what I call a loment (it’s a low moment). I went to see a movie which i usually would discuss with Beth whether we saw it together or not. So I guess that realization hit me again that at this time I do not have someone to talk about some things.

On the flip side I have been busy, I bought some Elfa shelves and have them installed. The company has some great ideas for storage etc. I am looking forward to adding some more soon.

As for the siding, the check came today. So now I have to find some siding that the association will approve. I can take the easy route and put up what I have/had or I can find something that’s better and find a match in color and go back to the assoc (court).

The weather is getting cooler so now it’s time to get back out and get some outdoor things done.

I know there was other things I wanted to write about but they escape me. Damn site issue, made me forget.