Yea it’s been six months since I last posted but that is the privilege I get for having a blog that no one reads.

Well recently I have decided to re-write my site layout using HTML5 and CSS3. Most of it is done and one the specifications are finished I am sure I will make more changes.

House is in a holding pattern, I am really waiting till winter comes so I can go back in the attic without turning into a raisin in .5 seconds.

Online dating well as always it has it’s good days and bad days, but I am taking it less serious as it’s really just another game in life. I have a PS/2 if I want to play a game I will load one and play. I really think online dating is more a popularity contest that people play with their friends. Between 1 and 10% are people actually hoping to find someone. I rest put up a profile to see what happens and they compare notes with their friends. I have met a lot of great women through online dating, heck the only friends I have are women, kind of funny. I wish them all of the hope and luck, as everyone should have someone with whom they can love and confide to without judgment.

I went to my first singles party, I talked to 2 people, both who I met a year ago. We spent time catching up, it was kind of fun to go to my first event and know people. I am sure I will go again, this one was great as there was no band playing so loud you couldn’t talk to someone. I like listening to bands but when you are trying to meet someone, either turn the band down some or have the party on a NON band night. A DJ or just good Muzak will do just fine.

Well, so maybe I am back to writing, heck if anything it will be my own journal I already have 5 years in it. I did go back and clean some of the previous writings mostly spelling and it was blast to re-read them.

Well nite all.