Where do I start, well we moved into another storage unit. It turns out that the owner called us and said that she could put us in a climate controlled unit cheaper than the climate controlled and standard unit we just moved into. So we spent another weekend moving to another unit and we actually have some space left over. We submitted some warranty work that was approved and will be worked on in June, nothing major but it will be nice to have it done. Beth created a small garden in our area, were looking forward to the results later this year. Today is also our 4th anniversary wow time flies when you are happy! We’re off to see my girls this weekend, it been too long and I am really looking forward to it. Now a funny story. We have this couple next to us in a diesel pusher, they have been there for about a month. We yesterday we go out for brunch and I notice that the back tire is covered in black soot. Now it did rain hard and I am parked next to a railroad tie. Well I am checking into the source of this mess, I figured it out that the exhaust pipe of their generator spewed this stuff on my van, which is for sale. So when we get back Beth heads over with a kind note as to what has happened and some possible solutions to future runnings of the generator. So she heads over that knocks on the door and the wife answers the door and Beth begins to explain what happened and that they might want to have the generator looked at and that maybe they could purchase a exhaust pipe turn down to prevent this from happening to us and future neighbors. Well they completely miss what was said and being to go into defensive mode. They begin with “we didn’t run it that long” and “on Sunday morning it’s hard to get enough power to make good waffles” and “we ran it last Sunday”. Instead of “wow we’re sorry” or “we’ll be more careful next time and thanks for telling us”. While this story isn’t hahahahah funny, it’s amazing how people get defensive as if they were going to loose their rights.. Well more to come this month as other travels are upon us.