Today I have no real point to this entry just thought I would write something. Well as for online dating, I am mostly taking a break, with the holidays coming and they being so close I see no point in making any effort. I will spend more of my time working on my projects and getting confirmations on my First Annual and maybe only Blackout Christmas Party Crawl.

Things on the list (not necessarily all will be done):
Driving range to hit gold balls – yes Tee boxes are heated.
Snowman vs. Santa on the Omnimax Screen
St.Louis Zoo for an animal light show

Possible movies:
The Company Man
The Fighter
Rabbit Hole
Casino Jack
Little Fockers

India’s Kitchen

Hogs Haus

Night Cap:
Ameristar or other local hotel with on-site bar

It’s a shame that Christmas has to be a Saturday that leaves about half a day for recovery… O well, such is the life.