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Yes I am sure by the title of this post you can tell I am not much for politics. I used to be and voted every time I could. The whole “every vote counts”, “you want to make a difference, don’t ya”. Well nothing is going to change and I am positive of that, why? simple. Every one is bought and paid for period.

1) There is no accountability.
Take a second to read about lobbyist

A lobbyist is a person who tries to influence legislation on behalf of a special interest or a member of a lobby. <- This is not agreeable to me. If you want to lobby your local town for better or safer playground equipment for the parks and schools, I am fine with that. Influencing legislation, no thanks, just change the phrasing to "rich and powerful determine everything" Governments often define and regulate organized group lobbying that has become influential. <- If this has happened please let me know, I doubt it has. Economist Thomas Sowell defends corporate lobbying as simply an example of a group having better knowledge of its interests than the people at large do of theirs. <- I have to completely disagree. Read it slowly and he is saying that companies know what they need better than you, because you are not as smart. This is where greed fails the country, so company Y lobbies for a reduction of pollution controls in order to increase profits. Which never trickle to the employees, just CEO's and Chairmen of Boards. So who is watching these people. In my opinion NO ONE. This is the peoples country, land and resources. It should be our decision who, how, what and when something is created, changed etc. No one in office represents me. 1) Remove religion from government or let Atheist run the country, they are less burdened with "afterlife". This country and planet will not matter in the afterlife. 2) Remove religion from public schools, go to a religious school if you need to. 3) Let anyone marry anyone period, look at it like TV, you don't like it change the channel or as I say "get over it". Since when did gay and lesbian relationships become an issue? They existed before all of us here now! 4) Stop protecting us from ourselves. Seat belt laws, bye bye. Helmet laws, bye bye. Those are choices, just like walking down a street, what's next airbag clothing mandatory? 5) Health Care - boy this is too easy. The healthier you keep us the more and longer we can pay taxes. 6) Term limits? First all offices will have terms, no more than 6 years and only 1 Term, then bye bye thanks for your service. 7) Prostitution - make it legal, gambling is legal, drinking is legal. It will only damage the people who can not control their own lives. 8 ) Marijuana - See item 7 9) Welfare - bye bye, Our ancestors had to fight to survive, why has that changed? 10) Subsidies - Bye bye, paying people to NOT grow something or because you have made something illegal to grow should not constitute a paycheck. 11) The War - done, walk away. This has not served in a positive means for anyone in the world. Has the price of oil changed? NO Did anyone find WMD's? NO Were lots of lives lost? YES Will Iraq change? Maybe for a short time but it will go back to how it was. 12) No Child Left Behind - Sounds good but poorly implemented. We have teachers that are dummying down tests so that all can pass. So just because there is a child with special needs, instead of addressing the needs, we tweak his or her test so they can be with the rest of his or her class. Trust me it's all about numbers and state money. The higher the graduating numbers / less drop-outs the more State money you will receive. As you are perceived to be doing a good job. Does your school push the "free lunch" program at the beginning of every year? Of course they do, they get additional money from the State, plus they can spend the money on anything. Books, resurfacing a parking lot, waxing the floor, there is no accountability. Well I am sure I can go on, but there is no point, nothing will change even if I voted everyday I could for the next 40 years. So you go enjoy the lines, weather, solicitors, stickers, buttons etc. O while your there ask any of them if they will recycle all of the signage they have created, or if it even was printed on recycled materials..

Well Online Dating is still pointless but I am looking it as entertainment, if you took this seriously you would be a babbling idiot in weeks. Oddly enough I got an “email” from someone named Diane (I did date a Diane once) and this is what it said.

On 11/22/2008 11:22 pm CST, Diane wrote:
Hello, I am Diane’s friend, my name is Dana I am interested in your profile and would like to meet you or talk with you. If you are interested I can place a photo on here on Diane’s profile. If not you have a great holiday! : )

Profile Link:http://dating.personals.yahoo.com/personals-1109003856-719130

So thinking it was a friend of Diane’s I responded. Later that day Diane was in IM and I asked her about it and she said that she did not do that nor does she have a friend named Dana. So I have not heard back since my response, it will be interesting to see what happens.

So my next adventure was to go to FriendFinder and create a profile. This was entertaining as well, I was just barely done with the beginning part of my profile and I had 19 people interested in me. Places like Russia, Romania, Lithuania etc. Sorry I am not going to work that hard for a mate, there is 319 million US citizens and almost have are female.

Well there was a missing boy on the news last week and to make a long story short he was found 7 hours later about a mile from his house. He was interviewed the next morning and did not seem phased about the ordeal. Gotta love a happy ending.

Ok, Auto Industry, to me this is a simple answer one of 2 choices are viable.

Choice 1, We loan you the money under these conditions. You 3 join forces and start designing and making more hybrids (Diesel/Electric, all Electric, Hydrogen, Natural Gas) in 2 years getting at least 40 MPG and base cost less that 15K. As collateral you will put up all employee pensions, CEO’s and top level employees will not bonus nor make more than 200K per year. You will also put up every asset you have. If you fail, you lose all of it.

Choice 2: You file bankruptcy and figure it out for yourself.

Why the stiff choices? Simple, if we citizens live beyond our means we are not bailed out by our government nor should we. Corporations need to closely scrutinize their books, no one person should be in charge and they should invite 3rd party auditors to review their books twice annually. We have too many companies running amok and irresponsible people at the helm. When you are at this level in your career you should be held more accountable. Maybe if you are going to pay bonuses, maybe they should be in a”fund” of sorts. When you retire or leave it begins to pay you after one year. This is to make sure that the company is not in trouble due to you negligence. If you are found negligent then you forfeit the amount needed from your “fund”. If there is not enough then you loose the fund and that is the end of it.

Our government (really us) should not have to bailout anything, whether it be a “loan” or just straight cash. Most if not all of us did not create this issue so why are we being penalized.

Foreclosures, while this seems like a tough issue I do not really think it is. Yes we all want to own a home it’s the “American Dream”. Do your own homework with things like the Internet go to your local library and do the research. Think about things like gas bills, water bills, lawn care and regular house maintenance such as furnace/AC checks before purchase and yearly checkup afterwords. Sure we all get excited when you are buying something new, but try to buy it with the attitude that you do not “need” it. Treat it as a nice to have and don’t get sucked in because your friends bought a house.

Now mortgage lenders, first off I think all lenders are crooks but loans in this country are a semi-necessary evil. Very few people can actually save for a house let alone a car, me included. Well as we learned the lenders opened the gap as to who would qualify and now these people who believed they could afford such property are now SCREWED. Again let the lending companies that don’t know how to self manage fail. Take the mortgages that they used to hold and send them to a mortgage lender that is good in self managing. Let the new lender work with the people paying on the mortgage. This could be as simple as making the same payment you are currently making or negotiate a new payment based on a longer term. This would be more of a WIN-WIN situation. The new lender gets more business (rewarded) for managing his company well, the family get to keep their house that they have been paying on. Plus the lender make get repeat business or at least referrals from current customers.

Companies have gotten carried away with profits and lost the focus of why they are in business. Salaries are way out of touch with the world. The janitor is just as important as the security guard as the CEO. If the building is not maintained it is no longer an asset to the company. If the janitor doesn’t keep floors clean someone could get hurt and possibly sue (I hate these kinds). We if that person sues then the company looks bad.

Instead of paying millions of dollars to a select few why not spread the money amongst the employees or really nice health care. Just think!!!!!

One last thing, I was involved in some volunteering this weekend. I went to a neighborhood and handed out turkey diners. (1 frozen turkey, some potatoes, green beans, crackers etc) We walked about 2 miles total in 40 degree weather (which I like). Some people were very gracious and I love those people. Many we still in “pj’s” (@ noon) and more or less took the stuff like they deserved it. Many house were very nice looking, newer cars in the driveways (most less than 3 years old). I just don’t get people, just because you made a poor choice in life or inadvertently went down a wrong path at some point in your life does not mean that anyone owes you. Not your parents, your grandparents, pastor, school teacher etc. YOU are responsible for YOU!

Here is the organization I did the work for.

So if someone brings you a turkey dinner take a second and smile and say “Thanks”. Volunteering works both way, they want to help and see a smile on someone face, it makes it all worth while.