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Well to all of my non-readers Happy New Year, wow I can hear the echoes, echoes. Well the dating world changed recently and I have met 2 people, one in person and one I chat with from Texas. Both are going well based on their geographical location, it keeps me busy and I am having fun.

I am not sure where I left off with my house purchase so if there is some repetition, sorry I am too lazy to read my previous posts. Well I have some kitchen utensils and plates, bowls etc. I have always found the kitchen to be the easiest to deal with, I guess 7 years in food service can help.

Now furniture was a real pain in the ass, I looked for months, I had decorators come over, I visited every furniture store in the St.Louis area and even checked out things online. Well 3 months in the making and I now have a recliner and sofa, both are black leather. The real issue was the room I have is a dining/living combination and it’s more rectangular. So length of a sofa was a big issue, most of what I liked was over 90″, I did however find one in the mid 80″ range. Finding a recliner wasn’t too hard, especially after going to name brand stores who would want upwards of $1700 for a recliner. Well I bought one I really like for under $400, both the chair and sofa are brand new and I still have the tags on them.

So now the next endeavor is the dining room or dinette room as it should be called. I like the thought of a counter height square table with a built in lazy Susan, that when the edges are flipped up it becomes a round table. I have also entertained a square to rectangle table without a lazy Susan. Still on the fence with this purchase but within 30 days I will have it in the house.

O forgot to mention that I did find bedroom furniture, it’s dark merlot in color with a black leather head board. Which is nice when reading in bed. So now I have a dresser/mirror, 2 nightstand and a queen bed.

So once the last of the furniture is purchased I will revisit the kitchen as there are many gadgets I still want to add. A bowl-lift mixer with all of the attachments, magnetic spice rack, I want to also “gut” the little pantry and add shelving that adjusts. Other things like a mandoline, a rasp and other veg. and fruit carving items. Now am I chef, well not professionally but now that I am alone on my own I plan to learn how to make great meals and blend some nice drinks to go with it.

While this latter stuff is going on I will get back to finishing the wired network and micro server room. This will allow me to then start on the home automation and add some additional insulation and sound proofing.

I have CAD drawings of my place so I can play with ideas until I run out. Eventually the main upstairs bathroom will get a make over. Yes the house is only 5 yrs. old but the previous owner didn’t do much and when she did, she didn’t take the time to research what she was doing or hire it out. If I had the money I would gut all of the inside perimeter walls and add some additional power wires and make sure the insulation is as high an R factor allowed in that space. Then I would have it professionally re-drywalled and painted as I know I could do it but sometimes things should be hired out to ensure it’s right. But that is a pipe dream for another time. Other things I am planning is to make this place as “green” as possible, wrapping water line, wrapping and sealing duct work. Add flashing insulation to the attic, after i finish wiring for ceiling fans and network.

As much as I like living in my RV I think I could handle living in this condo, I can spend more time on the changes I want to make while someone is outside taking care of the exterior. I do have a little green place I can “play” and from what I have seen the more you grab the less they cut. So my patio and to be built deck may help with that. Well it’s almost Friday and I can talk about the garage another time.

Nite all.

There can be so much to write and yet so little time to get it written.

I guess I will first start with an article I read about what you write on the Internet. This article basically says if you write something it can be found and not always by who you want. An example given was a future employer, may find something, an old “Spring Break” picture or video of risque nature, etc. Well first off “think before you submit”, secondly, to all employers “GET A LIFE”. Just because some lousy choice you made decades ago isn’t on the Internet does not mean you didn’t do it. If we all conformed to these types of paranoia there would be nothing to see or read on the Internet. So people please continue to post stories and pictures etc, all of us enjoy each others failures as well as successes. Ok, for now I am done with that rant.

Not that anything here is in chronological order or some times previously mentioned. I just wanted to note that I finally installed the hitch to my car, now for a light duty trailer and bike rack! I have to say that after 12 years and 151K miles she is probably the 4th best thing to happen to me. (After my kids and current partner of the opposite sex) Heck next year it will have lasted longer than my marriage and she has been much more fun. Hyundai ! You Rock!!!

I finally got rid of my Motorola q9m it was decent but I am glad it is no more, I am now a Crackberrian (user of a Blackberry device). Why no iPhone you may ask, simple AT&T, been there done that, I’ll stick with “V”.

I have been watching the unreal estate market and am considering purchasing a property. I have really enjoyed doing some lite home-automation, but this would give me a chance to go as far as I want, plus resale would increase.

I had another birthday, this year I acquired some more “Snoopy’s” for my collection via antiquing, went out to an Italian restaurant, so half of my birthday was good. As for dinner it was a last minute decision and supposed to be good, I beg to differ. While on the subject of birthday I plan to go to a spa, no I am not an effeminate male just like to try something off the cuff. About 5 years earlier I had my nails done (manicure), again just something to experience. Though I can say I look forward to a hour + massage, I am about 40 years over due.

Beth is doing well all cancer is gone still, let’s keep it that way!

Well I know I was going to write more but I have decided to do other things.
C ya