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Ok so I did not cover 700 miles in 35 minutes, but you can watching this video. I even speed this up in a player 4x (I sped up the video 4x as well), now if felt like a video game.

Sorry for the blurb of music in the beginning, still tweaking the editing software.

Kansas City to Colorado in 35 minutes LOL

While not in my subject, Online Dating still sucks. I have canceled all subscriptions.

Ok now onto more topical events. Well the whiny UAW got there 15B (15,000,000,000 ) dollar loan. Supposedly the CEO’s and union employees are going to take concessions to make the Gov’t shiny and happy.

Well before it happens I want to call BULLSHIT right now and beat the media frenzy.The union is going to “suspend” the “job bank” program. This allows union working to receive 95% of their pay and benefits. This to me is one of the main problems with unions, benefits like this are why cars made here are too expensive. If I don’t work I do not get paid, these people are no more special than me. So since they are going to “suspend” this program doesn’t really mean anything. I can almost with certainty say the program with be gone for a few months if even that long. O one last thing, this “car czar” whoever this person will be, will be bought and paid for by the union. I say this because there are not many people who are truly honest. Do you want this “car czar” to be successful?, then let me do it. I am not wealthy by any means, but for the good of everyone I would watch these jerks like a hawk. For now I will keep my 10 year old Korean made car, shes never let me down and has been there during a lot of crap in my life.

Ok now on to Christmas, ops sorry “Seasons Greetings”. This holiday almost means nothing to me. People are more rude than usual, they would rather run you over than acknowledge your presence. People aimlessly wondering around stores like they have never been there before thinking they will get an “inspiration” and find your gift. Me, I shop with a purpose, I know where to get what I want, I get it and I move on. Thanks to the Internet I don’t have to deal with you Night of the Living Dead Christmas shoppers. I can buy online, have it wrapped and off to it’s destination.

Do others a favor do some research BEFORE you shop and make it a better experience for all.

Road Trip: Well we headed to KC again, we had just been there the week before. This time it was to have a biopsy done to make sure her cancer is not back. We are both in high spirits that things will be just fine, We drive up Thursday night due to the weather, they were predicting wet and icy roads. Well we were lucky, it was like driving in rain for 4 hours. The only scary part was the parking lot at the hotel it was just about a sheet of ice. Well we checked in and got caught up on our work and then off to sleep. The next morning it was cold but the roads were fine. It was 29 degrees in KC and at the same time it was 53 degrees back in St.Louis. Eventually the temperature dropped in St.Louis and it was near freezing there too. On our way home we found gas for $1.38! So the 500+ mile trip cost us less than $28.50, not to shabby, thanks Hyundai!!

Well if I don’t write soon Season Greeting I mean Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!