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Well I hadn’t talked to Beth all day and didn’t want to call her and possibly wake her up. So after work yesterday I made up a bunch of spaghetti and a batch of brownies. I put together 3 small portions in containers and 3 small individually wrapped brownies and took them over to her. Keith and JoAnn were there and just finished up working on Beth’s SSD & SSI (Social Security), hopefully they will approve the application immediately but we will see. Beth looked good and seemed up as much as up can be these days. David, Keith and I think JoAnn are taking shifts to watch Beth around the clock so she doesn’t fall again. Larry should be back from his cruise later this week and then things might change as to where Beth would stay. Anyway so I stayed about an hour or so and had to leave to get my other car from the shop.

Well as most of you know from reading this atrocity on the internet my last long term relationship was with a woman named Beth. She has been diagnosed with cancer and just a few months to live. She is 53. Check your bucket list, still got time? Well yesterday morning she fell when try to get out of bed. It appears that she fell on her face but was able to get her elbows out to minimize what probably could have been worse. He nose did get crushed and of course it was bloody. Her son David heard the noise and went up to see and he said that she was not breathing and have to give her CPR. He cleaned her up and the mess all over the floor, then got her back in bed. He called Hospice and then called me.

At first I thought this is the call I do not want, but when I heard what had happened I was less worried. So I grabbed my work laptop and headed over to her house. Besides her nose she look good, she was awake, conscientious and glad to see me. I think David was glad I came over as fast as I did. Well long story short I spent the day working from the foot of her bed to insure that she did not leave her bed unattended. Her youngest brother (Keith) made if over before 4 pm and we all talk for about an hour or so with the social worker Kay. Then Keith made a run to Steak n Shake and bought the three of us dinner, Beth, me and himself, David was asleep. After dinner we talked about nothing in general at 8:45 pm I decided to go home and catch back up on things.