Well I have been very busy getting the rest of the things for my bike. The larger panniers (saddlebags) came, they are large, I have not had the time to stuff them to see how much I could fit into them yet. I am trying out a new seat, after all if this doesn’t work the trip would be more than a pain in the ass.

OK I have taken on a new project, since we are going to ride the Katy trail next spring I’ve been gathering data (places to stay etc) and making a nice file for it. I have Name, address, phone number, website (if available), email (if available) and coordinates. This is something no one has done so I am taking it on. I use a GPS for my other hobby and really like having a GPS. So I though why not get the coordinates for these places, there might be other people with GPS mounts on their bike. I think it will be nice to have, you have an idea as to where you are and how far you have to go. The data I am creating can be found @ http://thekatytrail.foreverdigital.net I hope you find it useful.

Ok time for another rant, yes it’s online dating and how it still a joke, I have begun to take it as serious as I take our government. (NOT) There is nothing in my profile that says I am interested in trolls. I am sorry there are very heavy people in world, sure I am a tad heavy but I hike and bike. Also what is it about me that says I am interested, NOTHING. So why do dating sites and heavy people try to set me up. Now there about 12 women that are “close” to what I would like (per the dating engine) I would honestly say I would date 10 of them for sure, the other 2 are not bad either just not my top 10. As usual I have sent “icebreakers” I have send emails, what do I get in return ………………. wow I can hear a pin drop.

Well I will eventually have more pics of the bike, but daylight is short and the weather is getting colder

Enjoy and have a great day.