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Well Kim and I headed over to the autocross race this past weekend and had a good time. The weather was warm at first and then the breeze picked up and clouds made it even nicer. I got some good pictures


We hope you enjoyed them, though being there is more fun.

So I am out on FB and see this ad that reads “Women Seeking 45+ Men.” Now my brain tells me that it’s targeted at me for various demographic reasons. My comedic brain tells me that there are women who are looking for 45 men. HA! I say, 1 or 2 maybe but 45 never.

Life is good, I took my motorcycle class and passed (tied for 2nd place in the riding test), missed 2 questions on the written. Now I have to take the state written and I am GOLDEN.

I have joined SCCA and will begin a second life as a Autocross racer. We attended our first event at the Wentzville GM plant. (What better use for a parking lot). This was sponsored by the Boone Trail Corvette Club and I think there did a nice job. There was only about 12-15 cars but the weather was great and I am pysch’d to try this sport. In order to be in this sport you must have a Snell Approved helmet, turns out my motorcycle helmet is NOT Snell approved, only DOT which is a lower classification of safety. (What? Our gov’t isn’t concerned with it’s citizens having only minimal safety, surely this can’t be true….. 🙂 ) So I am off to find the proper equipment so I can participate.

As for the car I will use, well I am going to use the Gene and see how it goes. I do have a backup plan which is to use Lil’ Bit (my other car). I wished I had looked closer at this a few years ago, using my Lincoln Town Car would have been hilarious.

So this is where I have been and what I have been doing

Ok rants, my GF and I often have discussions about politics and other BS going on in our country.

Education: The teachers union – needs to go, period no debate, end of sentence.
For too long it’s been about the teachers, “o were so under paid, o we have to spend our own money for our class rooms, blah blah blah”. Teachers make good money, plus if they want to make more, they simply spend their summers taking more classes. It doesn’t even matter what they take as long as it counts. So you can be a science teacher and take basket weaving, pass the class get a pay increase (NOT Raise). Here is where the misnomer is, there are 2 scales used when your a teacher, one is the pay scale (paid for what you know, err education you have achieved), AND salary. So while they might be whining about not getting a raise they are still making more money every year. A motivated person can be a teacher and quickly get to 50 – 75k much faster than you or I. Now the problem with this system is that the teachers union (one of the most powerful) has found it’s way to regulate/manipulate everything, school lunches, curricula etc. Remember that “No Child Left Behind” crap that was spewed out? Well when we dumb down classes so that “everyone passes and feels good about themselves”, we the union says look what a great job we did, our test scores are up so Mr. Gov’t we want more money to continue this great work. Think about it does you childs school have any gifted kids classes? probably not, but I bet they have classed for the “dummies” and they hired on either a teachers aide or another teacher to help each one of those kids. People don’t want the truth but “dummies” rarely make enough improvements, spend the money on the gifted kids, one of them may cure cancer.

ADA – Another bad program for the most part.
I know a story about a school district (roughly 300 students total) that was building a new high school as they had outgrown the previous one. There was 1 disabled child in the whole district and the current school built in the 50’s was a 2 story building. The child had one class upstairs and everyday either kids or teachers would carry this child upstairs for his one class. This child was on his last year in school as he would be in the new high school the next year. Now because the parents complained the school had to reallocate 35,000 dollars to put in an elevator for this one child. So they had to take from other areas of the budget to make this happen.

Now before you get your panties in a bind I am not against people with disabilities, my mother spent the better part of her last 10 years in a wheel chair so I have seen the issues.

I know of another story about a business owner who had a little restaurant in a strip mall, a handicapped person visited the establishment and complained that the door was to hard to open. They went on saying that it should be one of those automatic “sensor” doors. Well the person complained and ADA came to the business and made a big stink of making the change. Now there were plenty of customers and employees that would be happy to open the door for this person. No don’t give me that “well they feel ashamed needing help” or “it’s makes them less of a person”. Have you seen someone struggle with opening a door? Have ya helped them? Did they get pissy and bitch you out? No they didn’t, heck I think they almost have it better, when was the last time a non-disabled person helped you? NEXT TO NEVER I am sure.

So here is where I draw the line and hold on to your panties again. Handicapped people do not spend money, they are on disability (SSI) for the most part so their income is limited. Now I agree that State and Federal buildings should be disabled friendly or offices related to State and Federal agencies (license bureau, parks dept (restrooms etc). After that it should be the the land developer to decide if they want or can make it friendly, as for strip malls it should be the responsibility of the mall owner not the lessee. What’s next a revolt of disabled people going door to door complaining that they can’t enter your house?

People need to get over themselves, you are not the only one on the planet. Yes it sucks to be handicapped whether it be your legs, arms, speech, sight, hearing etc. So go get your “special” blue parking tag, that’s all I am willing to give and all I want when I am in that situation.