First I want to say thanks to all who have been there for me in some form or another. Thanks I really appreciate it.

As the title says “I think I am back”.

So Beth dies Friday morning so after that is taken care of I head home to deal with what has happened etc. When I arrive home I find this,
House 1

House 2

House 3

House 4


So this little diversion was interesting, only my house suffered any damage. There were some outdoor grills tipped over as was the out house at the quarry, but not a single piece of damage to anyone else.

Just goofy.

Well I have been fortunate that a busy social calendar has minimized the pain of the previous mentioned events. Steve (her youngest) came over and spent the night and most of the following day. We watched movies, he played xBox and I caught up on emails of people who responded. The next night Larry had what I would call “I am going out of town and I have all of this food that was brought over” potluck. The food was good and the time spent with friends and family was really nice. I am feeling better, at least I don’t fall into the dark place. Don’t get me wrong I miss her, but I know she would want me to move on and enjoy my time here as much as possible. So that’s why I am back posting.

On to new things, the insurance adjuster was here as was the guy I have contracted for my new siding. It is not hard to guess they are going to replace the entire side. Now I have to deal with the association on color matching as I do not want to reuse what is there. I am sure the siding is fine as the other 100+ units are fine but there is definitely some odd wind happenings.