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Well the weather is much better the snow is just about gone, which only means one thing. Time to get the car out and go for a drive. Hopefully I can get a drive in before I head to Florida.

Yep I am heading to Florida, for the first time in my life I am traveling to a warmer place during winter. Coincidentally it’s going to be in the 60’s while I am gone, so not much of a change for me. Though everyone knows I prefer colder temps. Well as I may have written I became reacquainted with a lady I dated last year. It turns out she has moved last October. So we got to talking which turned into an offer to come down to Florida and I could stay with her. Now immediately people are thinking “your going to get some leg for sure”. Well that is not my thought at all, I am not that naive to think that an invite “comes with sex”. I have slept next to women and nothing happened, I think mature single people can do that. I do NOT condone that married people sleep next to a single friend, maybe when your 80 🙂 . This lady and I have had no previous physical encounters other than a kiss. We did have a good time, we have been bike riding, gambling and been to the movies. So we shall see what happens while I am there this weekend.

Well on to other things, irritations. Civil servants (or as I like to think UNcivil servants) who get in trouble getting “On leave with pay”. I am sorry but whoever dreamed this up ought to be electrocuted. It’s no wonder these adrenaline junkies think they are above everyone else and the badge just compounds this thinking. How about your FIRED and when and IF your found innocent then you will be reinstated and you receive back pay. These people are supposed to be examples for the rest of us, yet I rarely see a turn signal, parking in “No Parking” areas, a friendly wave all I see is snobbery and elitism. If you are younger than them and drive a nicer car you are pretty much doomed to getting a ticket and being harassed. No I have not had an incident just heard something on the news and also remembered some things from the past.

So in the future, use turn signals, maybe a friendly wave once in a while, maybe not drive down the highway during rush hour causing “inDAviduals” to think that your supposed to drive 5 -10 UNDER the posted speed limit. While out make sure that people aren’t running red lights and that their equipment (tail lights, signals, etc) are working as that helps all of us.

Well in April I am heading out to California for a pseudo family reunion, it should be pretty good. Though if it turns into a “house arrest” situation I will not be happy. Nothing like flying half way across the country and be able to see the local sights as well.

While I do not know what all took place I would like to congratulate Egypt for their own overthrow and hope they can show the world that bad leadership of any kind can be removed.

Good luck to Iran and Sudan.

America, take notes we need to work on this here as well!!

Well a new very minor change will now take place. I will add the subject or subjects I am going to blog about to help all of my readers find stories of interest easier. (All 0 of my readers)

So before I moved to St. Charles I started an account on 3 of the most popular online dating services. I was completely honest with what I wrote or selected about myself. I included a picture of myself that was less than 60 days old. I was as honest to a fault, I checked the things I highly desired and things I did not. Then the fun (cough, cough) began.

1) Match.com – Good looking site would seem to have potential, but in my opinion it’s the worst. Within a few days I was approached by a lady who was “supposedly” a model on a shoot in Nigeria and lived in Cheney, KS. Ok flag number one was Nigeria, while if you do some searching it seems as if this is a modeling capital of some sorts. Flag number two Cheney KS, yes there is such a place, but why would a “model” live in the middle of no where.

Anyway I bit, knowing I had nothing to lose as I am smart enough not to send money to anyone! So we chatted a few times and she was supposedly still living with her boyfriend/husband who would beat her and put her down etc, etc. Shortly into the conversation she began to speak as if we were going to be the perfect couple and live happily ever after. OK PUT THE PROVERBIAL BRAKES ON NOW!!! She wrote to me in broken English and was going to make me the happiest man on earth. Oh and she was returning the following weekend and would fly to Kansas City to meet me, after she got paid for her work in Nigeria. Are people on the Internet still this dumb? (Don’t answer that please). While dealing with her I found a few websites that people on online dating sites found to be frauds posted pictures and descriptions of them.

I don’t understand why people bother to join dating sites and make contact with X amount of people and that’s it. Sure I know they are trying to scam money from some, but why don’t the owners of the site do anything. I know, I know, it’s all about capitalism. I “joe” owner will take your money and enjoy my life while you think you might have success on my website. O by the way, I ran into the same person I mentioned above 2 weeks later via Yahoo messenger and she gave me basically the same story and didn’t remember ever talking to me though my screen name never changed.

Heck I sent out maybe 20+ “winks/emails” nothing came back.

Overall the “matches” are off, you say you do not want a smoker you will get a few, specify an age range you will be sent them but they are looking for someone older or younger that you. Now I am no database genius not do I have a doctorate’s degree in relationships etc., but I know I could match people better than this site any day of the week.

2) eHarmony – Another good site that looked promising. Again I sent out emails, winks and 2 replied with no thanks and the others I will assume they are not real people. I did get a wink from a lady in St.Charles where I was moving to in a month. We had some great conversations, things went well. I moved to St.Charles and we went out on a date. Though I didn’t feel a connection we still talk once in a while. This was a good and positive experience. I did not try this sites “ID proofing” but it looked promising and maybe it would weed out the fraudsters.

3) Yahoo Personals – Heck why not I use them for email, news etc. Again sent out winks and emails and nothing came back. The lady I met on eHarmony has a profile on Yahoo as well.

Ok I know I am a little overweight but do workout, I have all of my teeth, I shave and wear nice clothes etc. So why when I say I am looking for fit, slender, athletic, a few extra pounds, all I get in response to my profile are exceptionally overweight, wouldn’t be attractive if she lost weight women. Do I have a sign on me that says I love trolls? Am I carrying a bag of flour that I am unaware of? Now don’t go off with your “jeez he a shallow SOB” I am not. I have dated tiny women (4’10” 90 lbs) to “full figured” (5″10 180). But now that I am older I am looking for someone I would not have to use a crane to take them to the hospital. I am looking for my last partner for the rest of my life and don’t want to spend the next 40 years of my life watching TV and ordering out. I like to work out, ride my bike, hike in the woods, travel etc.

Women !!!! If you do not want to do the “bar scene” or are shy, online dating is completely for you. Just be honest, have very current pictures of yourself showing more than your face the right man will find you.

Men and women – we need to report fraudsters they are taking away our time and effort and money during our pursuit of happiness.

Look at the photos closely, do they really look like the same person? Look again and again, pretend your being tested as a witness. You will find the fakes. If you post a photo maybe put your “dating” email address as a watermark on the photo so it can’t be hijacked.

For me I will spend my money looking for a smokeless bar and buying drinks for people. Come to St. Charles, Mo, I’ll be the nice looking guy who will treat you like your special.

Ok now on to the weather, well I guess to celebrate 9/11 mother-nature decided to send us a hurricane that would pummel south eastern Texas and then make it’s way up to the Midwest. This has resulted in some fun rain and wind storms and now flooding. Bad weather and living in an RV is always a fun time. You wonder what will happen, will there be a leak, will the awning (if let out) rip off the side of the RV and smash into a neighbors half-million dollar rig etc. In 3.5 years I can say I have only encountered one storm that made me a little weary, of course it was the first bad one. Since then I just taking the rocking as a way to sleep, if it gets a little violent then I just sit there for a minute and access the potential for a problem and then back to whatever I was doing. Winter overall is probably easier, make sure the water lines are heated and that there is enough propane for house heat and lastly no nasty trees that can fall on you. Rain I feel is harder especially if the winds are really moving, flying debris can be an issue, rain can travel to places you hadn’t thought about.

Well I had more thoughts earlier but they have left. So C ya 4 now.