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Well Online Dating is still pointless but I am looking it as entertainment, if you took this seriously you would be a babbling idiot in weeks. Oddly enough I got an “email” from someone named Diane (I did date a Diane once) and this is what it said.

On 11/22/2008 11:22 pm CST, Diane wrote:
Hello, I am Diane’s friend, my name is Dana I am interested in your profile and would like to meet you or talk with you. If you are interested I can place a photo on here on Diane’s profile. If not you have a great holiday! : )

Profile Link:http://dating.personals.yahoo.com/personals-1109003856-719130

So thinking it was a friend of Diane’s I responded. Later that day Diane was in IM and I asked her about it and she said that she did not do that nor does she have a friend named Dana. So I have not heard back since my response, it will be interesting to see what happens.

So my next adventure was to go to FriendFinder and create a profile. This was entertaining as well, I was just barely done with the beginning part of my profile and I had 19 people interested in me. Places like Russia, Romania, Lithuania etc. Sorry I am not going to work that hard for a mate, there is 319 million US citizens and almost have are female.

Well there was a missing boy on the news last week and to make a long story short he was found 7 hours later about a mile from his house. He was interviewed the next morning and did not seem phased about the ordeal. Gotta love a happy ending.

Ok, Auto Industry, to me this is a simple answer one of 2 choices are viable.

Choice 1, We loan you the money under these conditions. You 3 join forces and start designing and making more hybrids (Diesel/Electric, all Electric, Hydrogen, Natural Gas) in 2 years getting at least 40 MPG and base cost less that 15K. As collateral you will put up all employee pensions, CEO’s and top level employees will not bonus nor make more than 200K per year. You will also put up every asset you have. If you fail, you lose all of it.

Choice 2: You file bankruptcy and figure it out for yourself.

Why the stiff choices? Simple, if we citizens live beyond our means we are not bailed out by our government nor should we. Corporations need to closely scrutinize their books, no one person should be in charge and they should invite 3rd party auditors to review their books twice annually. We have too many companies running amok and irresponsible people at the helm. When you are at this level in your career you should be held more accountable. Maybe if you are going to pay bonuses, maybe they should be in a”fund” of sorts. When you retire or leave it begins to pay you after one year. This is to make sure that the company is not in trouble due to you negligence. If you are found negligent then you forfeit the amount needed from your “fund”. If there is not enough then you loose the fund and that is the end of it.

Our government (really us) should not have to bailout anything, whether it be a “loan” or just straight cash. Most if not all of us did not create this issue so why are we being penalized.

Foreclosures, while this seems like a tough issue I do not really think it is. Yes we all want to own a home it’s the “American Dream”. Do your own homework with things like the Internet go to your local library and do the research. Think about things like gas bills, water bills, lawn care and regular house maintenance such as furnace/AC checks before purchase and yearly checkup afterwords. Sure we all get excited when you are buying something new, but try to buy it with the attitude that you do not “need” it. Treat it as a nice to have and don’t get sucked in because your friends bought a house.

Now mortgage lenders, first off I think all lenders are crooks but loans in this country are a semi-necessary evil. Very few people can actually save for a house let alone a car, me included. Well as we learned the lenders opened the gap as to who would qualify and now these people who believed they could afford such property are now SCREWED. Again let the lending companies that don’t know how to self manage fail. Take the mortgages that they used to hold and send them to a mortgage lender that is good in self managing. Let the new lender work with the people paying on the mortgage. This could be as simple as making the same payment you are currently making or negotiate a new payment based on a longer term. This would be more of a WIN-WIN situation. The new lender gets more business (rewarded) for managing his company well, the family get to keep their house that they have been paying on. Plus the lender make get repeat business or at least referrals from current customers.

Companies have gotten carried away with profits and lost the focus of why they are in business. Salaries are way out of touch with the world. The janitor is just as important as the security guard as the CEO. If the building is not maintained it is no longer an asset to the company. If the janitor doesn’t keep floors clean someone could get hurt and possibly sue (I hate these kinds). We if that person sues then the company looks bad.

Instead of paying millions of dollars to a select few why not spread the money amongst the employees or really nice health care. Just think!!!!!

One last thing, I was involved in some volunteering this weekend. I went to a neighborhood and handed out turkey diners. (1 frozen turkey, some potatoes, green beans, crackers etc) We walked about 2 miles total in 40 degree weather (which I like). Some people were very gracious and I love those people. Many we still in “pj’s” (@ noon) and more or less took the stuff like they deserved it. Many house were very nice looking, newer cars in the driveways (most less than 3 years old). I just don’t get people, just because you made a poor choice in life or inadvertently went down a wrong path at some point in your life does not mean that anyone owes you. Not your parents, your grandparents, pastor, school teacher etc. YOU are responsible for YOU!

Here is the organization I did the work for.

So if someone brings you a turkey dinner take a second and smile and say “Thanks”. Volunteering works both way, they want to help and see a smile on someone face, it makes it all worth while.

Well a new very minor change will now take place. I will add the subject or subjects I am going to blog about to help all of my readers find stories of interest easier. (All 0 of my readers)

So before I moved to St. Charles I started an account on 3 of the most popular online dating services. I was completely honest with what I wrote or selected about myself. I included a picture of myself that was less than 60 days old. I was as honest to a fault, I checked the things I highly desired and things I did not. Then the fun (cough, cough) began.

1) Match.com – Good looking site would seem to have potential, but in my opinion it’s the worst. Within a few days I was approached by a lady who was “supposedly” a model on a shoot in Nigeria and lived in Cheney, KS. Ok flag number one was Nigeria, while if you do some searching it seems as if this is a modeling capital of some sorts. Flag number two Cheney KS, yes there is such a place, but why would a “model” live in the middle of no where.

Anyway I bit, knowing I had nothing to lose as I am smart enough not to send money to anyone! So we chatted a few times and she was supposedly still living with her boyfriend/husband who would beat her and put her down etc, etc. Shortly into the conversation she began to speak as if we were going to be the perfect couple and live happily ever after. OK PUT THE PROVERBIAL BRAKES ON NOW!!! She wrote to me in broken English and was going to make me the happiest man on earth. Oh and she was returning the following weekend and would fly to Kansas City to meet me, after she got paid for her work in Nigeria. Are people on the Internet still this dumb? (Don’t answer that please). While dealing with her I found a few websites that people on online dating sites found to be frauds posted pictures and descriptions of them.

I don’t understand why people bother to join dating sites and make contact with X amount of people and that’s it. Sure I know they are trying to scam money from some, but why don’t the owners of the site do anything. I know, I know, it’s all about capitalism. I “joe” owner will take your money and enjoy my life while you think you might have success on my website. O by the way, I ran into the same person I mentioned above 2 weeks later via Yahoo messenger and she gave me basically the same story and didn’t remember ever talking to me though my screen name never changed.

Heck I sent out maybe 20+ “winks/emails” nothing came back.

Overall the “matches” are off, you say you do not want a smoker you will get a few, specify an age range you will be sent them but they are looking for someone older or younger that you. Now I am no database genius not do I have a doctorate’s degree in relationships etc., but I know I could match people better than this site any day of the week.

2) eHarmony – Another good site that looked promising. Again I sent out emails, winks and 2 replied with no thanks and the others I will assume they are not real people. I did get a wink from a lady in St.Charles where I was moving to in a month. We had some great conversations, things went well. I moved to St.Charles and we went out on a date. Though I didn’t feel a connection we still talk once in a while. This was a good and positive experience. I did not try this sites “ID proofing” but it looked promising and maybe it would weed out the fraudsters.

3) Yahoo Personals – Heck why not I use them for email, news etc. Again sent out winks and emails and nothing came back. The lady I met on eHarmony has a profile on Yahoo as well.

Ok I know I am a little overweight but do workout, I have all of my teeth, I shave and wear nice clothes etc. So why when I say I am looking for fit, slender, athletic, a few extra pounds, all I get in response to my profile are exceptionally overweight, wouldn’t be attractive if she lost weight women. Do I have a sign on me that says I love trolls? Am I carrying a bag of flour that I am unaware of? Now don’t go off with your “jeez he a shallow SOB” I am not. I have dated tiny women (4’10” 90 lbs) to “full figured” (5″10 180). But now that I am older I am looking for someone I would not have to use a crane to take them to the hospital. I am looking for my last partner for the rest of my life and don’t want to spend the next 40 years of my life watching TV and ordering out. I like to work out, ride my bike, hike in the woods, travel etc.

Women !!!! If you do not want to do the “bar scene” or are shy, online dating is completely for you. Just be honest, have very current pictures of yourself showing more than your face the right man will find you.

Men and women – we need to report fraudsters they are taking away our time and effort and money during our pursuit of happiness.

Look at the photos closely, do they really look like the same person? Look again and again, pretend your being tested as a witness. You will find the fakes. If you post a photo maybe put your “dating” email address as a watermark on the photo so it can’t be hijacked.

For me I will spend my money looking for a smokeless bar and buying drinks for people. Come to St. Charles, Mo, I’ll be the nice looking guy who will treat you like your special.

Ok now on to the weather, well I guess to celebrate 9/11 mother-nature decided to send us a hurricane that would pummel south eastern Texas and then make it’s way up to the Midwest. This has resulted in some fun rain and wind storms and now flooding. Bad weather and living in an RV is always a fun time. You wonder what will happen, will there be a leak, will the awning (if let out) rip off the side of the RV and smash into a neighbors half-million dollar rig etc. In 3.5 years I can say I have only encountered one storm that made me a little weary, of course it was the first bad one. Since then I just taking the rocking as a way to sleep, if it gets a little violent then I just sit there for a minute and access the potential for a problem and then back to whatever I was doing. Winter overall is probably easier, make sure the water lines are heated and that there is enough propane for house heat and lastly no nasty trees that can fall on you. Rain I feel is harder especially if the winds are really moving, flying debris can be an issue, rain can travel to places you hadn’t thought about.

Well I had more thoughts earlier but they have left. So C ya 4 now.