StarCraft RV Setup

Posted on around 2004 by Dave

First stop Dollar General, here is a place you can stock a TT quite well for minimal $$$$. We picked up things like silverware, plastic cups, salt & pepper shakers, small carpets, cutlery set, steak knives, paper products, cleaning supplies. You get the idea.
Next stop Wal-Mart for some additional supplies, bedding, RV supplies. I will probably go back to one of these stores for a few additional supplies. I need some storage bins, trashcan, 2 way radios, and hooks for the garage area.

Since I had my hitch on my van Rhino lined before I installed it. I will probably have the trailer sprayed or at least the propane tank carrier. I just hate rust and since I plan on having this for some time, preservation is key. It has aluminum wheels but the spare is a white spoke wheel - Ask dealer or factory about getting another wheel to match.

Other items I will be purchasing are, MaxxAir Vent, Fantastic Fan, curtain rods to hold items in the fridge and cabinets, Mud Dauber screens and a Valterra Sewer Hose. Ask anyone who knows me I can't leave anything alone. While we were stocking the TT I began to look at things that I felt could have been done by either the factory or the manufactures of the parts that go into an RV.

Modifications that could/should be made.
1) The medicine cabinet - why not have holes in the middle shelf for toothbrushes.
2) Kitchen - This comes with the knife rack in back of the stove, why not make it out of plastic instead of painted wood.
3) The table area of the dinette converts into a bed - I want a separate set of short legs to provide better support for people sleeping on it.
4) Phone line - Just in case
5) Wireless Router and external antenna. Yes I am a geek plus it's my profession.
6) External Cell Phone Antenna