First Outing

Posted on around 2004 by Dave

Well after purchasing our TT 2 months ago and having never officially camped before (Beth and I have tent camped), I would have to say that this weekend was a success. We went to a local state park (12 mi) to do the "shake down". A shake down is a term to work out the bugs in a new RV purchase.

We arrived at the campground found a spot and began the mighty journey of backing in the TT. Now I have done this a few times and had practiced at the storage lot. Beth was coaching me into the spot, well this was confusing since her directions were not helpful to me (other way,no other way) after a few tries I said that I would try it again on my own and eventually got it backed in just fine. Well I dropped the stabilizers and began to unhook the TT, that went fine for the most part.

Leveling is something that I will have to read up more on. I had not adhered the levelers (plastic stick on ) to the TT but I placed them in different places on the TT to get an idea where I was. Eventually they ended up in the fridge and called it good.

Next was hook up to the site. I checked the voltage and all looked good so I plugged in the TT. Turned on the gas and then the water heater switch. Lit the heater and it began to blast, freaked me out a little. I watched it for a while so I know what to look for in the future.

I set the fridge to auto and have learned a lesson that looking back was a good thing. TURN ON FRIDGE the night before!! It eventually got cold and boy can it chill things down! Hooked up the television and cranked up the antenna and hit the power to it. Next I scanned for channels and voila we have entertainment (besides our neighbors).

I finished the rest of the setup, water, awning etc and Beth did the inside setup and began to prepare dinner. Ok, your thinking how does a guy go camping and not have any errors or issues. Well here is the truth: There was something that didn't seem right once I connected to the power pole and I had turned on the fridge. I thought I would hear the fridge, so I asked the guy next to me and he said that I had it setup just fine. I then went back to finish my awning setup as I forgot the last step.

Beth learned NOT to leave beer in the freezer section, because eventually they blow up. So now we have an 18' beer can, ahaha.

My mishap was that the 7 prong plug came out and skidded down the 12 mile journey, which also meant that the trailer brakes did not work. To top it off when I plugged it in the next morning it shorted out and burned the ground wire. After further inspection enough of the plug was ground down that the indicator was gone so I was unable to plug it in without possibly causing sparks.

Well got home today and I have rewired everything and it checks out ok, no smoke!! So now I have a new list of what to buy and that's where I am going next. Now some pictures of that fine event.

Camp Setup

Camp Setup

Camp Setup

Bad plug