Full-timing Part 1:

Posted on around 2003 by Dave -

I decided to take a job in another state. Since I have to sell the house, I decided to take the camper to Kansas City and live in it. Beth meanwhile will finish getting the house ready for sale. After some simple research I found an RV park just 10 miles from my new job. I have made my reservation and leave Friday June 24th, 2005.

Friday June 24th

I left early from Illinois as this was my second time towing the camper any distance. I arrived at the park in the early afternoon, this allowed myself plenty of time to setup and maybe take a drive around town. Arrived on time and in tact.

Sat. June 25th:

I checked the local brochure that Walnut Grove RV park gave me the day before. I found a camper parts sales place and headed out since I thought of a few things I wanted. Well I got to the north side of town and arrived a little too late for the parts department. The guy from sales told me of a place that turned out to be just a few miles from where I was staying. Well I found the place, KC Home and Trailer this place has a little bit of everything. Before I left for Kansas City I had ordered most of my stuff via the Internet so it was nice to see items first hand. So I picked up a HotShot kit for my water heater, this allows you to use electric for your heater so you can either not use propane or use both for really hot water. Plus it can extend your hot water time and shorten recovery.

Tue. Aug. 9th

Well I have been here for almost 2 months. So far I really love the RV life. Maybe it's this park, maybe it's the lack of having to maintain a 113 year old Victorian house. This park has no pool, no playground and most of the people either stay for a night or two and leave. There are some full timers or people like me (work timers) who work locally for some undetermined period.

Below are some pictures of the campground.

My Campground

Posted on around 2003 by Dave