Posted on around 2005 by Dave

Now for me full-timing has a different meaning to me, as I will still work in my field. I really think it should be called work-timing. Meaning that I will work full time at my career but live in an RV.

I am a computer security specialist consultant. I design security for web portals. I have worked mostly on the east coast and the Midwest. The benefits of this idea is that I won't have to bother with apartments, town homes, condos or hotels, sales of houses due to market flux.

Living in an RV will give me more options on where I can live, there are plenty of campgrounds around. Woodall's North American Campground Directory is the bible or yellowpages of camping, I could even boondock for a few days if needed. Campgrounds have quiet hours which are enforced more than I have seen while living in an apartment and some houses.

If I disagree with the enforcement of the rules I can leave ANYTIME and not when the lease is up. When I want to visit my kids in Minnesota I can use the RV. When and if there is time between jobs I can travel and everything is with me.

Disadvantages of this idea, there is very little equity, RV's do depreciate but do retain some value. The money I will save from not having a stick home I can put away.

If I need a repair to the chassis and I will have to live either at the dealership (which has been done by many),or find a hotel during this time. Winter weather might be a minor problem, for me I love the cold but for DW it's a bigger issue. I have a backup plan, which is to look for an Extended Stay Hotel or something.

Mail: There are many places that will forward you mail for you. We chose Alternative Resources in South Dakota, they have a full service operation and make the transition easy.

Drivers License / Car Insurance. We chose South Dakota, at the time of making the decision this was easier to do since we have our mail there plus visit Minnesota to see kids. The drivers renewal is every 5 years which is nice and plates can be done online.

For vehicle insurance we went with National Interstate they do insurance for Full Time RV's.

Medical Insurance: I went online and did some research and found a company that fit the bill as I was not always going to be the in same spot.

Banking All I did here is just kept my current bank. They have locations all over the country, if I can't find a branch handy to have access to cash I usually can find a Walgreens, Wal-mart to get cash back on a purchase.

Tools: Well this topic could go on forever. If your handy you will probably have more tools than the guy who calls for service.