Drifus' RV FAQ

Posted on around 2005 by Dave

Drifus' RV FAQ After reading camping and RV'ing forums it seems as if every week the same question would be asked, "how do I do this" or "is this the best one of these". While I do not have all the answers, I will place here the things that I know based on my experiences. These are not guaranteed or gospel just my opinions and forethoughts.

Which State did you choose:
South Dakota

What you need to look for here is things like capital gains taxes, vehicle tax, license and plates and property tax.While some states have none others that do may be beneficial depending on your lifestyle.

Mail Forwarding: Here are some sites to look over.

There are others but these would probably be the most popular. I have mine with Alternative Resources. I have had no issue with them. What you are looking for here is price, frequency of forwarding and ease of changing your address when you move to your next destination.