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Posted on around 2003 by Dave -

Beth has been a family friend forever, she and my aunt are the best of friends. Little did I know, that Beth has had a "crush" on me since she first met me. I got an invite to my aunts wedding in San Diego, Ca. It was a good time for me as I was unemployed and was looking for a job anywhere, plus my marriage of 13 years was about over. So I flew out to CA and stayed for 16 days, while there I looked for a job visited family etc.

Well the day of the bachelorette party had come. So I stopped by and picked up my brother and we headed off to our aunts house. We weren't there very long, long enough to get directions to San Diego's GasLamp Quarter area.

So my brother and I head down to "The Field" an Irish pub, and go inside and look for the rest of our group. We eventually notice our aunt signaling us from above, we hadn't noticed that there was a stairway and a second floor. We go upstairs and we sit down.

Now the 10 of us begin taking about different things, the past and present etc. After a while of talking I notice that Beth starts to flirt with me. At first I hadn't taken complete notice as I have not been flirted with at least that I was ever aware of. Well a little time goes on and my aunt notices, then the fun begins.

Something came up about me, and half of the group begins to talk about me and Beth also asks questions pertaining to me. I noticed that she didn't know who I was and then the cat came out of the bag. My aunt and brother tell Beth that I am sitting in front of her. She had not seen me in so long that she didn't know it was me and now she is REALLY embarrassed. I just laugh and enjoy her turning RED.. Well we move on with other conversations and occasionally Beth still gets RED every once in a while. Later we venture down the strip and check out other places that have bands. Everyone starts to notice us getting along quite well. Eventually some people want to leave since it's getting late. Well it's similar to the scene in Harry Met Sally everyone leaves and it's just the 2 of us. Well we stay and visit more bands and eventually head back to my aunts. So 25 years later we are together and have been since 2002.


Posted on around 2003 by Dave

Beth was born in the Midwest and has been there all her life. She has moved all over the same major city in the same state within a 15 mile radius. She has even moved a half mile down the street. So she had BIG roots in this city.

Well after we re-met I was in MN and she was in MO. We talked and eventually I got a job in IL so we both moved to IL.

This was a HUGE step for her as she left everything she knew and into a relationship she didn't know if it would last or not. Well it was rough for Beth at first, unpacking looking for work etc. Eventually it all panned out just fine.


Posted on around 2003 by Dave

I on the other hand was born in PA, lived in CA and spent a good chunk of my life in IL, MO and MN. I worked for one employer that had me work in IA for 7 months and then for a year an a half flying to the east coast to do work. Heck I even changed schools twice in one year and then 4 consecutive years. (No dad was not in the military) You would think that I would like to have roots. No, I like change. When we retire we plan to travel in our RV and see as much of North America as possible.