Pre-Planning Unbeknownst

Posted on around 2003 by Dave

I was divorced in Nov. 2002, as I think about this I believe it really helped in achieving my dream and making a reality.
The problem most soon to be full-timers have is parting with their belongings they have accumulated over the past 20, 30, 40 years. Well as anyone knows divorce can rid you of things quicker than flies on stink. I didn't have very many belongings after it was all said and done. The biggest reason is that because I ended up taking a job 3 states away and I didn't know what I would do with all that stuff. So I took my cars (Marx), tools, computers and clothes. (my necessities) When Beth and I got together we bought some stuff but most of it has been sold.

I have Marx 1 childhood toy and recently found another. I have to keep these are they are rare as I have only seen 4 including my 2. I have no idea what they are worth but I don't care at this point I just think they are neat. Well I have one other collection and I am also taking it as I can display some of them in the RV.

Everything else I have is either in our garage sale or I can find someone to recycle it. I figure that I will sell the house and make everything an option, (dining room table, 6ft stainless steel grill, etc) what doesn't go with the house I'll find a place. As it stands right now, all of my belongings could fit in my 2003 Astro van.

Well we sold and gave away a bunch of stuff in garage sale 1 . We have since relocated to Kansas City where we eventually started work-timing. We gave away more stuff, plus a co-worker of mine had a garage sale and more stuff was out of our lives. We still have stuff in storage but best I can tell it all Beth's minus my collectibles.