Posted on around 2003 by Dave

I have planned a 3 week vacation to see the U.S.A from my Chevrolet (Astro) that is. I first thought that I would sleep in my van as it's long enough and I have a DVD, VCR, TV and Playstation inside. Then the RV dream hit me again, I could buy a used Travel Trailer (TT) and see how I like the whole RV idea.

Well after a few months of looking for a used TT that would work with my specifications I gave up due to the ones I could find were either to heavy or too far away. So I began to look at new. So I scoured and the Buyer's Guide and double checked my capacities. So off I was again looking for a TT that I could tow.

Well this was much easier as I found one just 60 miles away and heck it was a left over 2004. To be honest it was exactly what I would like to have in my TT. White interior, stainless steel appliances (my favorite) and a great shade of green for the trim. I was in heaven.

So off to the dealer to take a look at it. I have to say that I was more than just going to look at it I was ready to purchase it. I did my research for the past 2 years with TT's, Class A's etc, I knew my limits.

So I show up, it's March 21st 2004 about 45+ degrees out and I am in shorts and a T-shirt and Beth is in jeans, sweater and my Chevrolet coat. They think I am nuts dressed like I am, but having spent 6 years in Minnesota I like this weather. We are outside for about 45 minutes while I ask questions and checkout ever nook and cranny. After all, my suspicions of this being left over from last year are getting to me; plus I got the story about someone looking at it days earlier.

As for the someone else looking at it story, I have never let that bother me. If an item is gone then fine I'll move on, I just refuse to get wrapped into that game on ANYTHING. Well the TT passes my inspection, noticing that the shower hose is not connected and that the water filter that connects to the extra water spigot wasn't finished. I was assured that all would be taken care of when I picked it up on Sat. March 26th.

Well I made the purchase from Cross Country RV in Mattoon, Illinois and returned a week later to pick it up. Before I picked it up I arranged for the insurance, found a place to store it as my driveway is long enough but the entrance is too steep. As for the tow vehicle (TV) I have had the transmission fluid, front and rear differentials (AWD), transfer case all switched to synthetic oil and the coolant flushed. I am ready for this year. By the way I have a transmission cooler install, did that last year.

Well I picked up the TT from the dealer. Rick and Becky the owners were great, Jeff who walked me through the TT and did the installation of the brake controller and wiring was also great to deal with. Now for my first problem, my keys got locked in the van. You see since I have owned this van I have had miscellaneous quirks. The day before I had the service mentioned in the above paragraph. When I arrived back home and got out of the van I heard the locks cycling to lock and unlock. I suppose that while I was in the dealer this happened again and boom locked out.

Well Jeff was able to unlock it and we were back in business. Now, the maiden voyage home with my new toy. I haven't towed too many things in my life so this was fairly new to me. I put the van in tow/haul mode and headed off in over-drive. Maintaining speed wasn't too bad for having a 3.42 ratio. I finally got to my exit that leads to my town and decide to change the gear to D and leave it in tow/haul mode, this seem to work better and the rpms seem to be very reasonable. I arrive home and Beth greets me outside and smiles, guys that a sign that she is pleased.

Now, stocking the TT.