RV Life

Posted on 07/21/2010 by Dave

Well my living in an RV dream came to an end by my own decision. With the housing market in bad shape I thought that I would jump in, find a place. I still have my escape plan (RV), I'm just not sure when I am going to head out at this time. I have been living in the "sticks and bricks" place since September 09. I like it though I do miss the RV and the closeness you can feel to things having less that 2" of wall.

I figure for now I would make some improvements, have a little fun doing it. Being single and working from home makes this easy. I can pretty much work from where I want as long as it's in the 48 states and I have access to high speed Internet.


Posted on 07/21/2010 by Dave

So anyway this part of my site talks about my conversion from a house to living in an RV. You will find a blog of the change and many pages on what and how I did things to get there. I was mentally ready and quite educated before do this and I can say that my only regret is not having done it 25 years ago.